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Valentine’s Day is February 14th and some of us are already looking for that perfect gift to say ‘I Love You’ in a unique and special way. We, here at Libre, like to share tea moments with our loved ones. We enjoy sharing tea and time together at home on walk or a winter getaway– really anywhere, anytime.

I know of someone who says, ‘I don’t need a calendar to tell me when to give a gift. If I feel inspired or see a special item I share it with my loved one’.

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This is a great way to share and show your love. However, with our busy schedules, we may overlook our loved ones, as we know they will be there and are forgiving. So it is nice to have a reminder of how important it is to set aside time for you both to relax, share and appreciate  each other.


Here are a few nice ways to give the gift of love:

  • make tea for two and share tea moments by the fire or on the porch/balcony
  • hire a babysitter and go out for dinner or maybe a picnic at the park
  • give each other a hug or shoulder squeeze when you pass in the hallway
  • foot and/or hand massages are always appreciated
  • and sincere compliments are always apprecaited


There are many ways to show your loved one how much you care throughout the day, week and year.

How do you show  your loved one how much you care?

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Comments (29)

  1. Amanda Alvarado


    I tell them every day how much I love them. Hubby, dd and I “argue” all the time about who loves who the most! 😉 We also are a very huggable family so we give hugs and kisses all the time too!

  2. Karol


    Saying I love you, giving a nice a shoulder massage to my hsuband when he’s had a rough day, asking him how his day was, and just generally making sure he feels appreciated.

  3. andrea amy


    Always saying “I love you” every time we leave the house or get off the phone.

  4. loriag


    I try to show my loved one I care by letting him know. Doing small kindnesses, helping when he is not expecting it, and by spending time with him.

  5. Suzie B


    I show my loves ones I care with small surprises – even little things like dropping off a pair of mittens to my best friend after we were on the phone and she was talking how cold her hands had been. Small acts of kindness

  6. Terri Cole


    Always, always, ALWAYS say “I love you”. You never know when it might be your last chance to say it.

  7. Claudia Ellis


    I always tell them how much they mean to me and try to make one on one time for each of the kids and my husband!

  8. Julie M.


    Tell my partner how much I love him, give him lots of massages, make unexpected sweet treats for him & we cuddle.

    I chat regularly with most of my family (some are too busy & some I don’t have contact info for) & when I’m at my parents’, I like to help out. My mother has been suffering from arthritis since her early twenties & when she has a really bad day, I try to do as much for her as I can.

  9. Becca Z


    I show my husband by anticipating his needs and meeting them before he even thinks about it, and by doing his chores to surprise him and lighten his load.

  10. Dee Schwark


    My kids and I always say I love you when saying goodbye on the phone or when together with a hug. We do this with my parents as well xxx

  11. Jolyne Dunn


    I always give my husband the larger bowl of soup, the better looking piece of meat, just whatever looks the best to me. Probably doesn’t seem like much to most people, but I just always give him the best! Funny part is……he doesn’t even realize I do it.

  12. Susie Wilkinson


    I get up on a Saturday morning when I’ve been working all week (he hasn’t!) and make him a full English breakfast

  13. Tammy Hedden


    I cook their favorite meal after a long day then wash the dishes and do a load of laundry, then watch a show with them if I can still after they finish their homework then I tuck them into bed and sit down with a cup of tea after taking the dog for a walk

  14. Heidi c.


    I try to show my hubby and kids how much I love them by lots of overt expressions of affection I.e. I am hugging and kissing them all the time. I also enjoy leaving love notes for my husband by his side of the sink or in his briefcase as well as popping little notes into my kid’s lunches just to make their days extra-special.

  15. Raine


    Small notes are always special, whether they’re in the kid’s lunch or on my partner’s steering wheel to see before he leaves for work. Weekend B &B trips are my favorite, no tv or electronics – just us, nature, conversation. 🙂

  16. Katherine Riley


    I tell my husband I love him very often. We are touchy feely people so a pat or rub when we pass each other often happens. We share things we enjoy with each other, even if it isn’t the other’s cup of tea, we make a point of listening to what the other has to say.

  17. Ashleigh


    I make breakfast and lunches for work with a little note of gratitude. Also sitting on the couch with tea talking about our days. It’s my favourite part of our day.

  18. robyn donnelly


    I show how much I care by offering to do dinner and cleaning too plus just spending time without interruptions.

  19. Laurie


    I show my loved ones I care by trying to do all the little things everyday. I try to take care of them by preparing their favorite foods for dinner, and providing little special treats.

  20. D Stew


    unconventionally, my husband and I tend to visit the most with homesteading chores, chatting while chopping wood, drinking tea while the maple evaporator boils down in the dead of winter, feeding the bees, today it was digging fence posts!! We make a good team and the kids get a lot of experience helping too!

  21. Kris Coghlan


    My husband treats me with kindness and respect every day of the year. I do the same to him.

  22. Karen H


    I take care of loved ones through actions more than words. I always try to keep their health and happiness in mind. A lot of this is through cooking and baking for them.

  23. Lisa B


    Its in the little things, especially in food and drink. Making his favourite meals when he knows its not something I enjoy, and letting him change the channel on me when I am in the middle of a show and a game comes on.

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