i’m really excited to announce that Libre tea has teamed up with Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver to provide hand out coupons for 10% off for the buyer and then another 10% for Union Gospel Mission. They do great works in the Vancouver downtown eastside – providing practical and inspiring  support.

One of the UGM staff let us know that a few of the office staff were really enjoying their Libre tea glasses and  were receiving many questions and inquiries – so we thought mmmm how could we help such a great cause. we devised these cards printed through Moo – so cute and now the UGM staff can give them to the  interested and  curious.

UGM with Libre supportWe so appreciate the opportunity to work with UGM to create this Moo ‘vehicle’ for social good.

The Moo cards are 1.1 x 2.7 inches each – on one side they have 6 different libre nature photos and then the explanation for the UGM offer on the other.

We are really pleased with this initiative and look forward to doing more  social good co-operative promotions in different cities.

we truly enjoy the opportunity to utilise the libre to create awareness and increased resources for organisations of the heart.

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