Love Glass?

All the fresh flavor you’re looking for … none of the worry.

Drink from glass, anywhere, anytime. 

Our glass infusers are tough, and beautiful.

Glass can break in the worst places - so take our #glasstogo.

For your active lifestyle our glass is protected in a clear strong shell.

Take a beautiful Libre glass infuser anywhere. 

Our hi-temp borosilicate glass (think Pyrex®) offers a pristine surface to drink from, and it’s wrapped in strong Tritan® shell that protects it from all the daily bumps and near-misses of life. 

Add the 100% BPA-free construction, removable stainless steel filter, and gorgeous rainbow of styles to choose among and life just got better. 

Tough, Versatile, Beautiful

Libre fits YOUR lifestyle. It's #glasstogo for fresh, healthy, delicious hydration in any form, anywhere.

take it anywhere

use it for everything

support your health

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Love love love

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my Libre. I drink loose leaf tea all day long and had been looking for an alternative way of enjoying my tea on the go without spending half my paycheck at Starbucks!

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Start your Libre Liberation today

Anatomy of a Libre

Versatile and convenient, with removable filter.

Glass inside means fresh taste, every time. 

Use Libre Glass Infusers for loose tea, fruit infusions, citrus water, matcha, protein shakes, essential oils, even coffee and martinis!

The glass interior ensures no leaching of any chemicals, no accumulation of other flavors or left-over protein shake odor.

So many ways to use - watch now to see just some of the healthy drinks you can make with your #glasstogo

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