i’ve had the good fortune to introduce the Libre tea glass in 2009 and its been an adventure!

for the warm welcome, curious appreciation, and patience from all whom i’ve worked with in this year i am grateful. i live in a corner of the world that is beautiful and am lucky to have talented associates locally at hand to help – Karen, Charlene, Leah, Cathy, Kera, Tzaddi, Christine, Amber and Melissa -  i am thankful for the  help, advice, diligence, cooperation and care.

to my customers and associates who daily bear witness to my strengths and weaknesses, i thank-you.

to the universe and the web i am interconnected with, i appreciate the opportunity to continue in the way of ‘libre’.

for me ‘libre’ means ‘to be free’,  ‘free to experience a tea moment anywhere and anytime.

truly though ‘libre’ is about the freedom to ‘be’

choose your perspective,

change your mind change your life,

be the change you want to see in the world

what is the change you want to see?

connect, reflect… experience a tea moment

its all been said before and starts with the first step of the first ten thousand

in gratitude and appreciation for the this opportunity and now lucky me to continue in 2010!!

best wishes for love, health, peace in the year ahead

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