It’s time to start thinking about sending our kids back to school and creating sustainable routines for the new season. Our Libre Leading Light Leah Goard has some great words of wisdom to enjoy these last lovely days with family and simple ways to help the young souls in your house on their journey back to school.

Inspiring healthy habits for our family and ourselves includes nutritious food and drink and the age old… ‘what to pack for lunch’. For both you and the kids an economical and healthy beverage solution can be:starburst 3

  • Tea
  • Water
  • Infused water(berries, fresh mint and herbs)

You can send them with a cold brew of herbal teas for refreshment and then when the cooler weather comes they can enjoy a warm-up tea on the way to school and for lunch and breaks! Children love having tea for lunch just like mom and dad. The delicious fruit based herbal teas are a perfect healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices or soda’s.  Many teas are as delicious cold as hot.

Try some out with your family in the last days of summer – green and white teas overnight steeping in the fridge are perfect.

Your child will love having tea moments at school in their Libre Tea glass or thermos. Their friends will be quite curious about what they are drinking.

Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness.
Lu Yu, Chinese sage and hermit

Tea is a natural source of fluoride, which strengthens teeth. It inhibits the growth of the plaque bacteria which causes gum disease and cavities.

What teas do / have you sent to school with your children?
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  1. April R.


    I am no longer at home with my mother and I don’t have kiddios yet. Though for my early day quick to go tea out the door would be hot water, lemon, mint, and a lil honey … shaken not stirred (gets shaken up on the way out the door so conveniently)

    If I had kids I’d send them off with with this kind of tea… I think it is smart to show healthy super delouse beverage options to people… Kids.

  2. Darrah Bailey


    My daughter would love if I sent her with a hot apple tea or lemon tea on a cold day!

  3. Cheryl Hubenthal


    My kids loved the hot Russian tea mix. Seemed to satisfy the munchies during snack time.

  4. Vilma Pacheco


    We all enjoy (the children like a little honey) decaf green tea infused with ginger and fresh mint, either hot or on ice. Its very refreshing with ice in Summer.

  5. Reply

    My children have a long, chilly commute to high-school – I’ve always sent them with a thermal cup of mint tea. Now that my youngest is starting high-school, she’s eagerly looking forward to the “morning tea” tradition that her older sisters had.

  6. Amy C.


    I would love for my kids to drink tea, but they just aren’t there yet. My husband and I love tea though!

  7. Rachael


    No kids, but used to make apple/cinnamon herbal tea for my brother and sister…they wanted it because I was having it, lol, but it was nice to sit with them before we all went off to school in the morning, or anytime, for a warm cup of tea.

  8. cynthia


    I send my own mixed iced tea with my teenage boys. It has green, black, yerba mate, nettles and roobios. They love it.

  9. Amanda Alvarado


    I’ve never thought about sending tea with dd – we usually send just plain water! I’ll have to ask her and see if it’s something she’d like…or fruit infused water.

  10. loriag


    My boys are all tea drinkers. They would take any kind of tea to school. They all like green tea, citrus blends, and black tea.

  11. Terri Cole


    When my daughter was younger, her favorite beverage was a lemon-lime herbal tea.

  12. Suzanne


    I don’t have kids, but if I did (or if I were going back to school myself), I would send them with infused water and/or an organic matcha tea. However, some schools won’t allow kids to bring water to school, bu diet drinks are permitted. Ridiculous, in my opinion.

  13. Amanda


    The weather here is already cooling off and my girls ( pre-teen) just love having tea… Licorice is a favourite along with decafe chai … With school starting soon they would love taking a libre cup with them and would feel very grown up with it !

  14. Wanda


    I sometimes send my teenaged kids to school with creme au caramel or marzipan rooibos and or black tea.

  15. Stacey S


    My daughter has taken chai tea made with lots of milk to drink on her way to school in the morning. She is not a big breakfast eater so the milk and honey provide some nourishment.

  16. Heidi C.


    My four children love tea – warm or cold- so they will often take a water bottle filled with Mommy’s latest herbal brew with them wherever they go, including school.

  17. Amanda


    No kidlets, but I still go to school! I take a variety of teas with me, but Earl Grey is my standby.

  18. jennifer pickett


    Quite by choice, no kiddies to send to school. But I am always leaving the house with a nice hot cuppa….a strong black tea with cream. My mother used to send me to school with it and I’m still drinking it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Dreena


    I only pack water and a tea for my son. He likes all kinds of tea: mint, Earl Grey, fruit teas, and green tea. Much better than juice, I reckon!!


  20. Susie Wilkinson


    We used to send our little one with Iced Tea sometimes, but the new school policy is water only 🙁

  21. Reply

    I have three children, and I’m hoping they’ll be back to school soon! When they do go my oldest will be in grade 12 and he takes tea everyday and would love one of your lovely tea glasses! He favors Earl Grey especially with vanilla. My daughter is in middle school and her favorite is iced tea, preferably with green tea with lemongrass. And my little guy hits grade three this year and favors iced tea with hibicus so it’s red. I love all tea, herbal, green and black. Preferably with caffeine if they don’t start school on time! 😉

  22. Nicole


    On cold mornings waiting outside for the schoolbus, I love drinking hot chai tea with a splash of milk since the spices are so warming! During the school day, I keep a kettle and a few different varieties of tea in my locker to top my mug up. On hot days, iced green tea with lemon is my favourite school beverage!

  23. Laurie B


    My children aren’t at the age to drink tea yet. I send them to school with fruit infused water. Berries, melons, mint, cucumbers. They LOVE it!!

  24. Loretta


    My oldest love rosehips and hibisucs tea, maybe I should send her with some of that.

  25. Ashley M


    We love chai in the morning, cold white peach in the afternoon and green lemon for bedtime.

  26. Leslie Baxter


    I don’t have kids yet either but I would send them off with a peppermint tea to energize and start there day of.

  27. Valarie Lee Gentry


    For school, I send my daughter with Lipton’s Green tea with Citrus! It’s delicious and comes in a jug or individual bottles. It is also my favorite tea! =)

  28. Laura K


    I was never blessed with any children (except the four-legged, furkid kind), but I kept my nephew so much when he was little he seemed like my own; He loved to try anything I was having: yogurt, veggies (even broccoli) and of course tea; our favorite would have to have been cinnamon spice or a mix I used to make called russian spice tea (believe someone already mentioned it) it is orange and spices and so so good! now, I want to go whip up a batch and maybe call my nephew!

  29. Virginia


    Tea is so refreshing & your lovely tea infuser/glass is so convenient. My favourites are Earl Grey & Chai, but I try most others as well. The health benefits of most teas are a bonus.

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