There is nothing more powerful than water. The human body is made up of approximately 70% of water. It’s in everything we drink and eat. We cannot survive without water and yet we so often take it for granted.

Studies, by Dr, Masaru Emoto, show that water is affected by its surroundings – thoughts, letters/words, showing pictures, playing music and praying to water. He was able to capture these changes with photographs of frozen water crystals.


Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment with Meditation at Brahma Kumaris HQ

Emoto believes that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. What we think, what we feel changes the water molecules. For example, water that Emoto treated using loving and positive words and thoughts had a beautiful crystal formation versus water treated with negative thoughts and words had an incredibly deformed crystal – look at pictures or the video and see the difference for yourself.

With that in mind, imagine how much healthier and happier we would be if, before we had that sip of water or tea, we paused to truly appreciate the gift of life water gives us.

This week have a look at Dr. Emoto’s Water Chrystal Photo Gallery (or pick one from the video above) and let us know which picture you like best for a chance to win his book, The Hidden Messages in Water.

The Hidden Messages in Water is magnificent. Through his genius photography and superb scientific skill, Dr. Masaru Emoto has created a book that is truly a mystical treasure. His contribution to research in spiritual consciousness is positively masterful.
—Caroline M. Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

‘We are all water. Study water, learn about water, then you’d understand yourself well… water is a mirror of our mind.’ Dr Masaru Emoto

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  1. Reply

    It’s so hard for me to just pick one of those pictures. All of them are awesome, as well as fascinating! I really love the pictures of the water before and after prayer. It shows how much of an impact the energy we send out can really make on the world around us. :]

  2. stacey h


    i like the ‘thank you’ water, its amazing how words and prayer can change the water!!

  3. Jeannette Laframboise


    I think the ‘wisdom’ and the ‘truth’ crystals are so distinct and lovely.

  4. lana


    They are all beautiful …spirit and chi of love resonated with me, also brought tears to my eyes in the truth of how our words impact ourselves and others, thank you for sharing 🙂


  5. Cynthia


    I love how music changes the water. I would expect heavy metal not to have a beautiful effect on the crystals. It affects my mood in a negative way.

  6. Gina F.


    I like them all, but I find the “After the Buddhist prayer was offered to Fujiwara dam” amazingly beautiful…

  7. Peri Migrant


    I really enjoyed the ‘truth’ and ‘wisdom’ crystals. Beautiful and hypnotic 🙂

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