We celebrate the holidays and give thanks to all the Libre lovers!

A special sale Nov. 25th ‘til Dec. 4th, 2011.

Receive 20% off all Libre tea products!

And receive a free pak of Libre organic Ming Mei tea with each order.

(use ‘give thanks’ for free tea pak and all Libres are discounted 20%)

Libre Tea glasses are great gifts for all!The Libre Tea Collection

  • The Original (9oz) – perfect for commuting, fitting in almost all car cup holders! And nice size for packs and bags for easy transport on public transit.
  • The Large (14 oz) – a favorite of Yogis, lots of tea and often used as a water bottle!
  • The Mug (10 oz)  – ideal for office and often preferred by the men in the family, as well as those with challenges to hold.

Libre Tea glasses can be used for any hot or cold beverage – the fresh glass interior washes clean after every use so no flavor transfer!!

We have oLibre Tea Moment Swag Totene more week left for a chance to win the Libre Tea Swag Contest! Congratulations to Debbie W, our 3rd winner! Her Tea moment – ‘I’m having a tea moment right now. I’m watching snowflakes falling, and having great satisfaction knowing they are melting as soon as they hit the ground.’

We are heading into often the busiest month of the year so please take time for yourself to relax and enjoy your tea moments!

Wishing our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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