January is National Hot Tea Month. A hot and healthy tea moment is welcome at any time of day or year, but especially in the cold winter months. Here is one of our favourite hot and healthy infusions:


Lemon, Ginger and Raw Honey Infusion


  • 3-4 ginger slices
  • ½ lemon squeezed
  • raw honey to taste


  • add all into your Libre glass, add hot water – steep, sip and enjoy
  • best flavour is after 5 minutes
  • waiting to add honey till steam disappears maximizes its healthy properties – otherwise the flash-heating decreases nutritional strength of the honey.

Alternative: add a teaspoon of green tea leaves (or 1 tea bag) to the ginger and water; steep and continue as above.


Here are just a few of the health benefits:

– Aids digestion helping with nausea, gastrointestinal disorders and upset stomachs
– Boosts your immune system be breaking down accumulated toxins in your organs and lymphatic system
– Has anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties

– Has high levels of Vitamin C which helps to fight off and prevent colds and flus
– Works as a diuretic, flushing out bacteria and toxins from the body
– Helps ease toothaches, bleeding gums and bad breath

Raw Honey
– has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties
– sooths sore throats, is a cough suppressant and when used in a vaporiser can relieve stuffed noses
– is a great sleep aid by promoting the release of melatonin in the brain


Be mindful of your honey – local is best – there are current concerns about honey-flavored corn syrup being sold as honey.


What is your favourite hot and healthy winter tea infusion?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea Glass Infuser!



Comments (28)

  1. Elizabeth pergande


    I love adding fresh mint and honey to my glass. It is refreshing and warms me up in minutes.

  2. Sharon


    A combo of green tea, lemon tea with honey was made for me with love when I suddenly became ill while traveling. The benefits were wonderful & pleasant tasting 🙂 I’ve recently learned about the goodness of an infusion with turmeric. Need to try that also! Thank you. Happy New Year!

  3. Reply

    Because my 2.5-year-old daughter wants whatever is in my glass, I make sure it’s decaffeinated and healthy. I combine a teaspoon of toasted barley, which is available in Korean grocery stores (ask for “barley cha”), with a little bit of cocoa shells (you could also use cacao nibs). The result is toasty and a little bit chocolatey! If you don’t like the barley flavor, you can use African honeybush tea for a sweeter taste.

  4. Kimberly


    I have a vanilla green loose leaf mix that I love adding a cinnamon stick to it, the best way to describe it is cozy. I’ll add some fresh ginger but I add that to all of my non coffee drinks. I became a ginger addict a few years ago in my infused water for the health benefits and once I got a taste for it I always keep it on hand. Fresh ginger freezes really well which is handy.

  5. Reply

    Coconut loose leaf tea with almond milk and honey–a refreshing, healthier solution that satisfies my sweet tea cravings in winter!

  6. Anna


    Green tea and brown rice with a bit of honey mixed into it! (Might sound a little weird). I also like chamomile tea!

  7. Marisa C. Boppudi


    I make a chai infusion: black tea, fresh ginger, 2 cardomom pods, cinnamon, clove, telicherry black pepper, star anise & nutmeg add milk of choice / coconut or almond milk … sweeten with honey or sweetener of choice… Yummy

  8. Elizabeth Towns


    I like mint tea with peppermint added or cinnamon added. I haven’t been using honey but I’m getting ready to start adding raw honey and lemon, to boost immunity and energy.

  9. Marygrace


    Well it’s more of a hot toddy than infusion. Chamomile tea, tsp lemon juice, 2 Tablespoon Tablespoon honey, 2 Tablespoon bourbon. Warms me up, feel good, sleep good.

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  11. Carol Trochelman


    I really don’t have a favorite as I have never made one. But will try this one. Maybe one day I can afford a Libre glass, or win one, and will be able to try yours and have a favorite.

  12. Sheila McKinnon-Oke


    I enjoy lavender, ginger, cinnamon and peppermint infused tea especially on a cold and stormy day. 🙂


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