Til the end of Libre Love month we want to hear how you love your Libre – we’ve had some unique feedback and would love to hear yours – here at Libre we’ve been enjoying matcha tea with almond milk – the screen is perfect to mix up the matcha – a few good shakes and it’s smooth – we’ve also heard protein powder shakes are smooth and easy with Libre…

Ok, come on, how do you Love your Libre?

Comment with your Libre love story on and you could win – a Libre tea moment tote, or a new Libre tea glass – random selection of 2 winners on each of Feb 22nd and Feb 29th!

Please note we may share your Libre love story – love is meant to be shared 🙂


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Comments (28)

  1. Lisa


    I LOVE my Libre Glass…… it goes absolutely EVERYWHERE I go !!! To work, on errands, to acitivities…. everywhere !!!

  2. Reply

    i’ve used my Libre as a food leftover container – with its glass interior it is easy to keep clean and is fresh for the next round of great food you want to savour. Soups are portioned well for a single serving in an Original

  3. loriag


    I just love my Libre Glass’n Poly. It can be with tea or just hot water, drinking out of it is just comforting. It just helps me relax. I have loved, sharing the Libre Love with my friends, and they are becoming Libre Lover’s as well! I am drinking a “Wellness” tea at the moment, and it is so cool to watch the flowers in the tea and just enjoy.

  4. Sarah


    I LOVE my Libre and so do my students! The students at my school love playing guessing games as to what is in my glass. They ask question such as “why are you drinking flowers? and isn’t seaweed gross?” It has opened their eyes to drinking healthy beverages. Some of them have asked if I can bring in loose leaf tea for them to try! I am trying to get them hooked on Libre at a young age! My 3 year old also loves drinking his tea from the Libre glass. His stainless steel cup heats up too much and is hot even when the tea is not. He is able to hold the Libre glass and not get burned 🙂 Thanks Libre!!!

  5. Diana


    I am so in love with the Libre. My favorite is the Libre glass’n poly Large. Alas it is a love affair not meant to be I am thinking. I have entered about 10 different giveaways, including tweeting daily. I drink a leaf tea daily for health reasons and think the mug would be the perfect partner for me. I will continue on in my quest for true love must win in the end. Off to tweet once again.

  6. chelesa sims


    love my tea glass. I use this all the time and have had so many compliments on it . A few people were begging me for it . but i am not and wont let it out off my sight. I use my tea glass for not just tea I use it for all sorts of liquids .

  7. Reply

    My Libre has gotten me through many sleepy mornings and late nights! I love using mine for my morning green tea when I’m on the go – it so nice to be able to steep my tea more than once, rather than having to use many tea bags throughout the day!

  8. Keya M.


    If I had a Libre tea glass I’d love it everyday, it would go with me to get togethers and stay by my side while relaxing.

  9. Laura


    I love my Libre because it makes it so easy to drink tea. I can put tea and hot water into the glass and leave immediately for work rather than waiting for the tea to brew! I think that the Libre has doubled my tea consumption. I feel healthy and stylish with my lovely Libre glass.

  10. Tina


    I love my Libre with all kinds of loose leaf teas. Especially with chrysanthemum tea because it looks so pretty.

  11. Adam


    My Libre comforts me when I’m sick and aren’t up to any effort. Loose-leaf peppermint in the glass, and I can just keep dumping boiling water in to keep the comfort coming without any more work.

  12. April


    I love my Libre tea Mug to sip on delicious Chai on a weekend morning by the window in my favorite chair with a good book/newspaper to read and cat snuggled in my lap. The mug allows me to sit and sip for hours without having to disturb my napping companion to reheat ;o) xo

  13. Cindy Melenxhenko


    I LOVE the feel of my Libre Tea Original!!! The emotion and happiness I feel when it is full of my favourite tea is exhilarating. It makes me fall in LOVE – everytime I see my Libre Tea Original. I can’t wait to fill it with hot water and an Oolong, a Yerba Mate, a Pu’erh…ahhh Life is great!

  14. Tammy Sigond


    Love my libre original…it makes drinking loose tea easier in the car, office, everywhere and always starts conversations. My 9 yr old calls it an eco wonder as we no lonmger have to put tea bags in the landfill! Been drinking lots less coffee cause it makes it soo easy!

  15. anne hill


    i love my libre tea after i work out. helps me chill out & it’s so much more convenient than petting a bulky smoothie!

  16. Bruce


    I love mine at work in the morning. Cold winters, Warm Tea…make my mornings go by faster and more enjoyable.

  17. Reply

    My Libre Tea Mug and I go everywhere together. We take my son to school, hang out together all day while I am at work, head to the store with me to buy groceries, and even head up stairs for bedtime!! My Mug is glued to my hand!!!!

  18. tmo


    I am sure I’m not the first w this. I use mine to brew maté. it bypasses the filter straw. the maté is meant to reuse throught out the day.

  19. Christine


    I love my Libre large so much… I recently dropped my Libre large at the gym, the glass has cracked a little, but I didn’t throw it out, I have since replace it also buying one Libre for each of my family members… I also purchased a Chinese fighting fish, who now calls the cracked Libre home. 🙂

  20. Kris Coghlan


    I use my libre tea glass to drink my loose tea in. It tastes fabulous and looks pretty too!!!

  21. Queue Bee


    I love my Libre like I love the rain. I feel comfortable. I am soothed with each sip of flavor taken liesurly from my beautiful, smartly designed and very impressive (to me and others) Libre.

  22. Jen


    I have a dream of having a Libre love story!!! I am in love with the idea of bringing my tea on the bus to comfort me on the bumpy ride, on my walks home in the cold and windy evenings and after a relaxing yoga session! I love the sexiness of the Libre and would be proud to show my Libre off to everyone and rave all about its features and highlights….oh how I would love you Libre!!!

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