Here are the winners to date for the Libre Tea Large glass ‘n poly! All winners are/will be chosen with

  1. May 27th – #6 – Bruce - Raspberry or Piña Colada Roobios Ice Tea
  2. May 28th – #3 – Andrea V – Pineapple Ginger Green Tea
  3. May 29th – #4 – Andrea S – Fresh Fennel Ice Tea
  4. May 30th – #2 – Carolyn s - Vanilla Roobios Iced Tea
  5. May 31st -#1 – Tanya – White Ice Tea
  6. June 1st – #1 – Josh D – Black Ice Tea


Once the contest is over the Ice Tea Recipe Booklet will be compiled with all recipes and emailed to all contributors. Thanks so much everyone for the delicious recipes!


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