don’t know about you but it feels like the new year is just getting ready to take-off. here at libre we’ve been doing some planning – we were thrilled with how 2009 went but it was a bit tumultuous from time to time – this year hoping to incorporate more tea moments in our business practices – reflecting on our vision and aligning our actions is causing some changes, some adjustments.

we do want to serve our customers in respectful and helpful ways and love when we hear suggestions and new places the libre is found – an entertaining one lately is the Libre was found in a womens washroom stall forgotten by its previous owner ( so sad when there are misplaced tea moments;) the finder was so intrigued she wrote down the name and came home to find us on the internet – she ordered 3!

it is these stories that allow Libre’s unique design to be seen by more and more tea lovers and we know even with the best planning surprises are coming.

the wonderful reception the Libre is receiving from so many tea drinkers is inspiring for sure and we are awaiting whatever life has to give us that may change our path and lead to more adventures.

and so we are inspired to finding more ways to enable more tea moments and of course ensure our current tea moment lovers are supported.

how is your new year so far? are you inspired and awaiting adventure

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”  Helen Keller

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