the last few weeks of new initiatives have left me with less connection with my tea moments – it is easy i find to be pulled off topic by what is seemingly urgent. Of course responding to customers is vital and yet how to integrate and carry onese as lf  one is a perpetual tea moment is maybe too high an expectation:).

The May 1-4 Las Vegas tea expo was great and truly inspiring in the coming together of such tea lovers even at a trade show – sort of a communal tea moment. Then the Mothers Day online promotion and launching with demo’s at Whole Foods in Vancouver has been a truly full experience.

so now back to a focus on how to inspire them more often…ahhh to loose my focus…thanks goodness it is only my ‘humanness’ that is lost …my spirit is shouting “i’m not lost I”m right here”.

my gratitude and excitement  for developing the Libre tea glass is getting lighter and lighter..while the path shows itself in front of me.

appreciating all i have and am connected to is a truly meaningful tea moment.

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