We like to support initiatives that benefit women, wellness & clean water for all. The month of March fits into these initiatives with International Women’s Day on March 8th and World Water Day March 22nd.

This week there is a special issue of CanadExport online magazine for International Women’s Day and we excited to say that an article about Wendy and Libre Tea will be in it!

We thought we’d celebrate with an Int’l Women’s Day Sale!
All orders placed online March 7th-8th will receive 10% off

I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity. -Michelle Obama

World Water Day aims to increase people’s awareness on water’s importance in life. Staying hydrated is a key factor in our wellness. The average adult human body is 50-65% water.

Staying hydrated helps keep our bodies functioning properly – removing waste through urine; controlling body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Alternate way to stay hydrated:Gran_Trans_Ottawa

  • Enjoy a warm bowl of soup, stew or broth
  • Eat Fruit – Grapes, grapefruit and watermelon are great for hydrating
  • Have Jell-O for dessert – make with fruit for more added benefits
  • Flavour or Fruit infused water
  • Drink a smoothie
  • Enjoy a cup of iced or hot tea

Use your Libre Tea glass to keep yourself hydrated! They are perfect for all hot and cold beverages!


Share with us alternate ways you stay hydrated for a chance to win a Libre Large tea glass!


This week we are publishing a new Libre Best Performance Tips page. You’ll find it under our ‘How to’ section on our website. We know many Libre lovers have their own tips and tricks for using their Libres – share yours on our new page so we can all know.


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  1. KittyPride


    I drink lots of tea, hot and cold, I make herb tea in a jug and keep in the fridge sometimes sweetened with agave syrup but usually the herbs are enough for great flavour!

  2. Sunnymay


    I drink at least 4 large cups of tea a day plus carry water with me in reusable containers. Drink plenty (water and tea) is my motto.

  3. Sunnymay


    I forgot to add that I’m attending The Second International Women’s Forum at Cleveland Clinic Lyndhurst on Saturday, March 8. There will be speakers and lunch along with massages and booths to visit.

  4. Amy Stewart


    I love to keep healthy snacks such as cucumbers, berries, cantaloupes and watermelon on hand in addition to my beverages.

  5. Adrienne Hayes


    If I’m not drinking iced water, I’m probably having a nice hot glass of genmai cha tea. I also drink a full glass of water before my meals so I don’t overindulge.

  6. Amber G.


    I like to begin the day by getting hydrated with a glass of raw veggie/fruit juice!

  7. Maryann D.


    I do drink tea during the day hot and cold and I also like to make smoothies in the summer and plenty of water.

  8. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    I love water, I usually drink 1-2 gallons throughout the day and that’s not including the 2-3 pots of tea.

  9. loriag


    I drink flavored water, as well as carbonated water. Popsicles is a fun way to get a bit extra hydration.

  10. Olivia Rubin


    Chai tea as a treat after dinner to unwind. Otherwise I chug water infused with fresh fruit and mint throughout the day.

  11. Leslie B


    Lemon and water hot or cold and of course my herbal tea’s I try to drink at least 6 glasses a day.

  12. Peri Migrant


    I always carry a reusable glass water bottle in my bag along with tea bags. The large Libre tea bottle would be so much more appropriate. I can then, also, take a small tin container with my favourite loose leaf tea to enjoy throughout the entire day 🙂


    good luck to us all!

  13. Andrea Amy


    I love water, but I also love 100% pure fruit juice. For the kids, they drink water, milk, juice and iced tea

  14. Terri Cole


    I have a large glass of water by my side all day. A smoothie, giant salad and bowl of soup daily all contribute too.

  15. Susan O'Bryant


    I drink hot green tea in the winter, and cold iced tea with lemon in the summer. They are both comforting and refreshing!

  16. Vilma Pacheco


    I make freshly squeezed lemonade and limeade with honey and mint.

  17. Laurie


    Water from a reusable water bottle while driving in my car. At home, iced green tea.

  18. Heidi C.


    I keep a large water bottle filled with iced green tea and pieces of lemon with me at work. I also drink coconut water or chocolate milk with workouts. I love to munch on water packed fruits & veggies throughout the day.

  19. Leigh


    For daily hydration I start my day with a cup of hot water and lemon. I follow this with a cup of hot green tea. Throughout the day, I enjoy snacking on fruits or I will prepare a smoothie for the nutrients and additional water content. I also like to have on hand an insulated tumbler to refill, so I can track the ounces I consume. I notice that consuming the recommended amount of water helps with my sensitive skin. I always have a glass with lunch and dinner.

    I have to admit that all this water can get boring, so usually in the afternoon I will have a flavored carbonated water or an iced herbal tea for taste bud excitement and zest. Adding a straw to the carbonated water is sort of a fun way to hydrate. Also flavored vitamin packs to water is a great alternative for flavor.

    For relaxation in the evening, I have a hot cup of tea.

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