We are honoured to introduce to you B. Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT our new Libre Leading Light.

B Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT 500 is an innovating research scientist, psychologist, contemplative/yoga educator, speaker, author and Founding Director of the International Science & Education Alliance (ISAEA) and Mind-Body Therapy.com.

She provides strategic planning, research consultation and assessment design to support the empirically rigorous evaluation and sustainable implementation of yoga and mindfulness programs in education, leadership, health and human services. Grace’s clinical practice, teaching, writing and ground-breaking BREATHE™ program emphasize the incorporation of empirically supported psychotherapy with therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices to promote healthy intra- and interpersonal relationships and social fields.

Sharing her love of life with her dog Beau.

b grace

Grace’s mission is to facilitate individual, relational and systemic compassion, self-awareness, and loving kindness to support equity, diversity and scientific integrity, and to promote effective leadership, decision-making and social change. She is the Contributing Editor for Science and Research at YogaU Online, Faculty at Integrated Health Yoga Therapy, former Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and former Senior Research Scientist and recipient of a Francisco J. Varela Research Award at the Mind & Life Institute. Grace draws on her yoga practice, time spent in nature with her dog, Beau, and quiet “tea moments” of reflection to sustain her in her life, work and travels.

Yoga Therapy & Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Successful Relationships with guest Dr. Grace Bullock

“The journey has been miraculous, and I am filled with gratitude and grace.”

Grace has devoted her life to cultivating a better world one breath at a time.

Is there someone in your life who makes your world a better place?
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Comments (15)

  1. Rachael


    A select group of women that I study dance with…we are all so different but we connect on many levels and the differences don’t matter at all. They are fun and kind hearted and beautiful and a true blessing in my life.

  2. Heather Dunbar


    My mom makes my world a better place. Without her, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am. She’s helped pay for my student loans, fixed my car, gives me a place to stay for free, and even offered to pay for my schooling out of pocket for lack of financial aid.
    Aside from that, my best friend Morgan. She’s been there for me through absolutely everything, and instead of judging me she makes humorous comments that make me feel better. She is the absolute best person I could ever have in my life.

  3. chanti


    My son Zech… his special needs and shining light bring so much deeper research and understanding of movement and mindfulness to my reality <3

  4. loriag


    I have a group of 20 women who have been like sisters and walked a journey with me these last several years. They encourage, sharpen and laugh with me.

  5. Amanda Alvarado


    My daughter, son and hubby make my world a better place! Without them I’d be lost!

  6. andrea amy


    My Dad made my world a better place, he was a great Dad, a great friend, and the world is a better place for having had him in it for the almost 57 years that he was here.

  7. Heather


    My husband John, he is my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life and has been for 25yrs. Every day I am thankful I found him.

  8. Sunnymay


    My mom is the person I admire the most. She had major surgery in February and is slowly recuperating, yet her spirits remain good. She organized a Victorian Tea 14 years ago and it’s still on board with a Churchmouse Luncheon of soup and sandwich every 6 months. I helped do her part and brought the sugar tongs for the sugar cubes for the tea along with doilies. It is to benefit the Bedford Historical Museum and help with the renovations at the church next door.

  9. Nicky


    my mom – she volunteers a lot in the community and is a supportive friend and parent!

  10. Vilma Pacheco


    My father was my role model. An honest and moral man who taught me the meaning of honesty, integrity, love and understanding for others less fortunate.

  11. Maryann D.


    My parents made the world a better place. They raised 5 children and always helped others. They both lived into their 90’s.

  12. Marygrace


    my 3 older sisters are my sounding board. They inspire me, calm me, fix me and make me a better person

  13. Dee Schwark


    For me it truly is my Lily. She is 3 lbs of Malti/chon wonderful…I have mobility issues and she’s what gets me up in the morning to face the day, starting with kisses like she hasn’t seen me for days (she sleeps with me lol). She keeps me moving, happy and motivated. I am so very fortunate to have her. I am so deeply grateful for her!

  14. DaniG


    My fiance. He makes me feel safe, loved and the world seems brighter when he is by my side.

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