We are honoured to introduce to you Tanis Frame our new Libre Leading Light.

 Tanis Frame is a science-geek, soul-sister, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, world champion, and mom to two fierce young girls. She is also the powerhouse behind the DECIDE to THRIVE REVOLUTION– inspiring women to live their lives in full colour and to make the daily choices that lead to them and their families deeply thriving. Tanis offers several programs, in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and online, that will radically transform the way you live.

As an environmental health scientist and relentlessly curious mom, Tanis is charmingly obsessive about discovering the science and soul behind what cultivates thriving in our lives and what gets in the way.  She shares insights and wisdom from leading edge science, ancient and modern wisdom traditions, and thriving women, and translates them into ridiculously simple tools that radically transform the way you live.  And her Libre glass is definitely one of her simple yet powerful tools that cultivates thriving, not solely for her, but also her family. Yes, her daughters both love their Libre glasses too.

Happy tea glass toting girls, makes for a happy tea glass toting mama!

tanis libre


“As an eco-health scientist, entrepreneur and mom who is on a mission to support women and their families to thrive, I’m thrilled to introduce people to Libre- healthy, functional, beautiful and a serious multitasker that supports thriving on so many levels.”

We often loose ourselves with our busy lives at home and work.

How do you find time for you, for you to thrive?

Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Starburst glass!

Comments (21)

  1. Laurie P


    oh boy. I have to get up pretty early in the morning to have any time for myself….sigh.

  2. Marilyn


    Finding time for me is now a full time job, as I didn’t give it the time I should have until after retirement. I am on the AIP Elimination Diet in an effort to reduce inflammation of RA and so have given up coffee and am discovering tea. I am embarrassed to say I purchased a slightly less expensive knock-off of your tea glass and I am disappointed with it. It has a rounded lid that does not stand upside down without threatening to fall over.
    My best advice for taking care of YOU, is insist on it. Make it happen by organizing your helpers to do their share. By always taking up the slack, no one is better off!

  3. Keya Millionie


    I travel in the Fall if I can, rather than looking at the drop in my hours as a bad thing, I look at it as a break.

  4. Michael Moreno


    Just set a few moments each and every day, without fail, and savor the moment with your Libre tea maker. You’ll feel like you’re on cloud 9.

  5. Amanda Alvarado


    I take time to read every day! It’s my time and everyone knows not to bother mommy when she’ spreading!

  6. loriag


    I get up early and get some quiet time. I also just take time everyday to do the things I enjoy.

  7. Nicky


    i spend a few moments doing breathing exercises when i feel stress, and i like to do yoga as well.

  8. Vilma Pacheco


    If nothing else, I do stretching exercises every morning then I relax with a cup of my favorite tea.

  9. Tyson V


    I try to find time each day to work out – I find this helps me to get back on track with my day and helps me to clarify the important things happening in my life in the present time.

  10. Maryann D.


    My best time for myself is waking up very early before anyone else. It is so quiet and I love to have my cup of tea at that time.

  11. Jaime


    I find time to have me time by setting aside time at night. I like to go on a walk at least once a week to clear my mind and get quality time with my husband. Tea also helps me to have quiet time with myself!

  12. Rick F


    I love getting up early and sitting outside with a fresh brewed tea while enjoying the morning quiet.

  13. Dee Schwark


    I enjoy a nice cup of tea out on the deck…in the summer 😉 and I make sure I can read before going to bed at night…that’s my wind down, escapism method!

  14. joanne


    I just got into gardening a few years ago. I find that losing myself in this really lets me take time to breathe, enjoy and relax.

  15. Casandra Lightenlove


    I find time to thrive through dance, yoga, reading, meditating, and of course sipping on a nice cup of tea!

  16. Julie Jones


    I have to plan time and make sure I stick to it. Something as simple as tea on the patio means the world.

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