We know there are many people Leading with Light and doing great things to evolve our world to a sustainable and peaceful place.

Libre Leading Lights are passionate leaders in their community and honour their commitment to practices that inspire their health, well-being & mindful living. Each Libre Leading Light makes a conscious effort to make the world a better place.

marleneThis week we would like to introduce you to our newest Libre Leading Light: Marlene Lowden

Marlene is an abstract painter and creative yogi living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. She offers art / yoga workshopsthroughout the year.

In this beautiful and inspired video below, Marlene shares how her tea moments help her to step back, reflect and pause. Its 1.5 minute of inspiration – check it out!

Marlene has a busy September.

marlene lowden -gibsons–         Saturday September 6th Marlene will be at and help organized the
FIRST EVER Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park in Sechelt. B.C. For complete details, check out the schedule of events, then purchase your ticket and pick your activities!

–         She is part of Full Circle Fashion & Art Event on September 16th, in support of Ovarian Cancer research hosted by Malene Grotrian, in Vancouver, B.C. – Tickets here.

–         Finally, Marlene is the Featured Artist at The Landing Gallery in Gibsons BC – our home office.

During this busy fall season, it is easy to get caught up in the world around us.  Please take a minute to pause and reflect in order to settle and refocus.

Now is the perfect time to begin – start a tea moment routine for your busy days.

black brush 3

How will you inspire your tea moments in your day?

 Share below to be entered in our tea moment giveaway to win aLibre Black Brush!


Comments (39)

  1. Michael Moreno


    Will always take a moment and remember that life always has it’s relaxing enjoyments.

  2. Andrea Amy


    After the kids go to sleep at night, I will look forward to a bit of quiet time with a good book and a good cup of tea.

  3. Raine


    I’m going to try new teas, explore new flavors and add a twist such as fresh ginger and cinnamon.

  4. Reply

    I’d savour some quiet qualiTEA time on my deck after putting little one to bed 🙂 Sorry! Couldn’t help myself with the “qualiTEA” part! 😉

  5. Wanda


    I will enjoy my tea moment everyday especially during my “coffee breaks” at work…it helps me relax and focus on the rest of the day.

  6. Susie Wilkinson


    I look forward to my tea moments, a good rooibos with lemon juice and a chill with a good book, and that’s inspired!

  7. Reply

    When I get a new flavor that I think my best friend would like also, I share with her so we both can enjoy a new flavor and experience it together. My husband doesn’t drink hot tea but she does, so it’s something that just the two of us take pleasure in discovering new flavors.

  8. Theresa Cole


    I’m inspired to finally make my own kombucha. I’ll share with my husband, daughter and anyone else who would like to try it!

  9. desiree


    i have friend who is under stress and her an i want to move and then i share the thing i do on the web all over the place

  10. Vilma Pacheco


    I will share my tea moments with my best friend and be thankful for the friendship.

  11. Jill


    I will enjoy my inspired Tea Moment in the morning with the beautiful hummingbirds on my patio. What a wonderful way to start the day before heading off to work.

  12. Maryann D.


    I get up quite early in the morning and relax with a cup of black tea to start the day.

  13. Melinda L.


    I share a teapot of freshly brewed tea with my boyfriend everyday while sitting on the patio savouring the warm weather

  14. Nicole Sender


    I will enjoy my tea on the patio and watch the hummingbirds in my butterfly bush.

  15. Danielle R


    I usually have a cup of tea with my latest tea-inspired baking. Whether it is earl grey cookies or green tea bread, it always gets me excited about what to try next!

  16. Reply

    I would share on our porch with my husband. This is so nice and thanks for the chance! I would love sipping with this item! It would make it much more special for sure!

  17. Brenda Young


    A relaxing moment for me is sunset with a hot cup of camomile tea.. I sit and refect the day passed, waiting for the tea to be my preferred temperature… Ahhh.. Relaxing!

  18. Cheryl Hubenthal


    I take my tea leaves to work, then add boiling water when I get a break. People are always impressed by my Libretea glass.

  19. kymi a


    I will inspire my tea moment with love with my hubby off our newly built deck watching a beautiful sunset.

  20. Lori Joan


    I enjoy my tea moments early in the morning while I affirm and meditate on the marvelous day ahead of me. Tea inspires me and fills my soul with peace, positivity, and gratitude.

  21. Leslie Baxter


    I drink my tea in bed while relaxing and watching my favorite tv show after a long day of work

  22. Dawn


    Easy! My tea moments are inspired by husband. I pour myself some tea and enjoy chatting daily with him on Skype. We live on opposite sides of the planet but manage to talk with each other both morning and evening on most days. Discussing even mundane things is such a thrill. Getting to spend this special time together always leaves me feeling good and looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

  23. Tracy


    With it being harvest time, I may have my tea in the combine or after the day is done. Either way, the relaxation it gives is welcomed with open arms.

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