We love to inspire tea moments and this month want to focus on outer peace –the everyday peace of our world and how we can contribute to – outer peace.

GraceOur Leading Light Dr. B Grace Bullock is a psychologist, research scientist, author, yoga educator and science journalist committed to outer peace.

What comes to mind for Grace? ‘Embodying the principle of my practice’, one of the biggest attributes of yoga is the practice of awareness – physical and emotional space and responding from a space of awareness, rather than reacting.

Outer peace – is an external manifest of internal peace, and reflects our own state of being.

To cultivate outer peace she recommends maintaining presence, focus and awareness and believes that outer peace is so important in our relationships – a key practice for infusing our world with outer peace.

With this we can keep our environment in alignment with our intentions. It’s great to have a simple environment – less clutter and distraction for the mind to remain calm.

be graceFor Grace, environment is key, she gathers a lot of peace from natural enviro – in her view, she loves to see the trees and takes on their influence of being grounded and stable – it’s the maple tree just standing there.

She gets her inspiration from natural enviro – her groundedness and connection emanate from being connected with something bigger then herself – like nature and the trees.

Grace recommends to stay grounded and do not let the winds of life blow you away – just sway with it and stay centred and grounded.

She also knows herself well and describes herself early in her yoga days as a ‘savasna dasher’ – she just wrote an article on this.

As savasna could be seen as just lying around, and not physical at all – and learning to lie still, or sit still, has been a huge struggle – not necessarily in her nature. This patient practice has helped to cultivate inner peace and from that ground she can truly bring outer peace to her every day relationships.

b grace

Our founder, Wendy Weir, will interview Grace live on YOUTUBE  – BE with us next Thursday at 5EST and 2 PST – come take a break and infuse your world with outer peace – we know you want to 🙂

Come join us for our Thirsty Thursday here at Libre tea on YOUTUBE

Do you have a question you would like ask Grace? 
Let us know and we will ask Grace during the interview.

BIO in Yoga International
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Share ways you infuse or would like to infuse your world with outer peace for a chance to win your choice of a Libre glass!


Comments (17)

  1. Dianne Messina


    We have just discovered the wonderfulness that comes from having a dog. Harley, the 5lb Maltese, came into our lives a few years ago and we have changed for the better.

    I would happily take a Libre Tea out with me on our walks.

  2. Gina G


    I have discovered Outer Peace by learning to say no. I no longer feel pressured to participate in every school function, say yes to every play date request or cook dinner from scratch every night. Being kind to myself is being kind to everyone around me, too!

  3. Reply

    My friend lives across the country, but we have found that running together with our virtual apps gives us a great sense of peace and fulfillment. We have been running now for 3 months and the results of the outer peace that seep into our world in every aspect are amazing!

  4. Nicky


    I infuse my world with outer peace by going for walks in nature. These are so re-invigorating and reconnect me to the beauty of our surroundings.

  5. Turtlemoon


    between walks along the lake with my fur bestie i also practice and teach yoga daily, keeps my moving. Tea is always a daily treat and a flavorful alternative to plain water

  6. Nanie


    Life is wonderful!
    I am in another dimension when I sit on the balcony watching the stars,moon sipping my tea ahh…

  7. Amanda Alvarado


    I like to take walks and just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air…with my Libre glass of course!

  8. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim


    I would love to take a libre tea with me to the park on a blustery day.

  9. Laura


    it’s so much easier to let things happen in the reverse: let our perception of the outer world throw a kink to our inner peace! But I keep trying, keep telling myself that even the evil things that happen must have some meaning. or maybe not. I guess without the “bad” we’d have no appreciation of the “good”

  10. Marilyn


    I live in the forest. When I need to go to the city, I take the forest with me in my mind.

  11. Dee Schwark


    I really love the articles and tips that Grace Bullock writes and recommends. I am trying to follow these tenets and at the moment am trying to tackle the clutter in my house. I want to purge as much as possible as I really think that will help me to stay grounded.

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    Outer peace for me at this point in my life is helping others deal with their emotional and/or physical needs.

  13. Sally Felgnar


    My daily lunch time walk gives me a chance to clear my mind and I often find my subconscious has solved issues when I get back to work. Revives and refreshes me, along with my afternoon tea break.

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