Introducing our NEW Libre Pearl White glass infuser!

Who are the pearls in your life giveaway!


The fresh, clean look of our iridescent Pearl infuser will inspire many peaceful tea moments! Its quiet, minimalist, aesthetic will please the love for simplicity and invite quiet of the mind.


This simple and elegant infuser features the same clean glass interior, durable BPA-free poly exterior and removable stainless-steel filter as all our models, and can be used for all beverages, hot and cold. Also, excellent for bridesmaid gifts!

Suggested pairings:

  • Jasmine green tea
  • Hibiscus tea cocktail with rum and lime juice
  • Peppermint tea hot chocolate


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Who are the pearls in your life giveaway!


To celebrate our NEW Libre Pearl Glass Infusers, we are having a 3-Day Giveaway!

Share with us, who the pearls in your life are to be entered to win 1 of 3 NEW Libre Pearl White Glass Infusers


1 Libre Pearl White glass infuser will be given each day:  November 20th, 21st and 22nd!


Be sure to tell your friends so they can enter too!

Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #LibrePearls for bonus entries!

Comments (89)

  1. Sara


    My friend Cecilia is my peral. She’s held my hand, held me up and showed me how to be a strong woman.

  2. Kay


    I am very blessed to have many pearls in my life:
    First and foremost my mom who is my rock
    Sara who is my best friend since kindergarten
    And last but not least my two beautiful daughters

  3. Mechele Johnson


    I have an entire strand of beautiful cultured pearls 🙂 A few that stand out would be my eldest child, Mary. She is the first from my side of the family to attend college. She graduates this June from University of Oregon, and I am bursting with pride. She is a role model for others in our tribal community and provides other young Native American women with inspiration and motivation to pursue college educations. My youngest daughter Maybelle, 7 years old, is also my pearl. She is an expert gatherer of our traditional plants for teas and medicines. She is also super sassy and keeps me young! My grandmother Lillian is my pearl. She was beautiful, strong, and resilient. I thank her every day for all the hardships she endured in order for myself to be here today and to know where I came from and wear it with pride.

  4. Julie


    I have two little ones who are my pearls every day, they try my patience, but are helping me grow into a better person and a greater Mama.

  5. Alicia Fink


    My family are definately my pearls. Mom / sister Amy. Sister in law Raelee. Brother. And my dad. Along with my nieces and nephews

  6. Laura Lockhart


    My pearls are two beautiful healers that have come into my life, Dr. Gabor Mate and Philip Jacobs. After circling in the mental health system hopelessly for 23 years I thought no one could help me. Then I met these two men and their dedication to their practice saved my life. Now I am back in school training to be a therapist so I can pay the gift forward.

  7. Reply

    I too feel blessed to have many pearls !!

    My husband and I have had a difficult year with too much loss – and our dogs have been absolute saviors for us ! Since we don’t yet have children – our pups just make everything better and really
    Do teach us how to love
    Unconditionally ! Very grateful !

  8. MorganBarton


    The Pearls in my life would most definately be my fiancee and our two amazong children. he works in all kinds of weather and works so much overtime and allows me to be home with my kiddos. I couldn’t of had more perfect kids. One boy, Karen who is so sweet and has always been so smart and healthy. His eyes are blue grey and are the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen. His sister Nora has the sweetest soul and is every bit as smart as her brother. She is so loving and beautiful. I was blessed with the perfect family.

  9. Jessica


    My husband, Jeremiah. My naked cat, Quinn. Can’t decide next amongst friends and family! Maybe my sister, Anna??

  10. Raquel


    My friend Sandi is my pearl. She has stood by me through the worst time in my life and given me the strength to go on.

  11. Jenna D


    My hubby and our daughter, who are my best friends and greatest treasures, are my pearls <3

  12. Melissa cardenas


    My husband and my three children are my pearls. My husband is always supportive and willing to talk through things when I need to get down from the tree I’ve climbed. My children give me so much joy and make my heart happy!

  13. Diana Z


    I have a number of pearls in my life. A few are my mother, best friend and my 3 daughters.

  14. Kristi Friesen


    I really think of my 91 year old grandmother when I think of a pearl, she fits the description well 🙂

  15. Jenny


    I’m going to be selfish here, but I’m my own pearl. I’ve struggled with finding who I’m meant to be for my entire life and have always compared myself to others. Once I stopped trying to live up to others expectations of what I should be and how to act, I dicovered the good in myself. And if not for the crummy things and bad things in my life that helped form me, I wouldn’t be the pearl I am today. So kudos to everyone who has a pearl, is a pearl to someone, be you and sparkle like the beauty you are 😃

  16. Vivian


    My little girl is my pearl! I am able to talk to her about almost anything as now she is mouche older. She is learning about health and wellness and would love to have a libretea tumbler of her own !

  17. Sunshine


    My grandma is truly a pearl in my life. Through it all her encouragement, love and influence have been unwavering. I love her so very much.

  18. Milcah


    My mother who has been strong through so much adversity and health issues. My husband who dreams for me when I want to quit on my own dreams and my wonderful 7 children, all unique and special in their own way. We don’t always agree, obviously, but they have their way of showing their love and appreciation.

  19. Ann Miles


    I have many pearls in my life! My husband, sons, mother and my girlfriends. Each and everyone of them balancing my life with love, laughter, tears and support during harder walks of life. I’m thankful to have them all in my life and feel incredible lucky. <3

  20. Susan Abenilla-Brown


    My husband, 3 sons, and my 3 close friends Angela, Shirley, and Audra are my pearls. They give me support, lift me up, and hold my heart.

  21. Christina


    My pearls are my parents, who have supported and loved me no matter what for all my life.

  22. Barbara


    I’m blessed to have a “string of pearls”! Suzy, Kirsten, Jean, Rose, Sally, Linda, Robin, Bill, Joe Suzanne and Kelly are all so supportive; I’m grateful to have them in my life!

  23. Candace Galan


    My pearls would be my 3 boys, my wonderful husband, and this baby growing inside!

  24. maureen kennedy


    My husband is my pearl! He has supported me through so much: bad (chronic pain, depression) and good (travels!). He is simply the best!

  25. Heidi c


    My pearls are my hubby, our two sets of twins, our pug, Dexter, our kitties, Nugget and Fuzzy, my mom and my brother’s family as well as God.

  26. Sally Felgnar


    My daughters, my husband and our close friends. Without them, life would not be meaningful.

  27. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    My pearls are my hubby and two children. ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ 🎁 🎄🎅 Santa 🎅 is coming early for someone this year for #Christmas!! 🎄🎁 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ Thanks for the chance to win

  28. Rachael


    The pearls in my life are my group of 4 close friends…they’ve worked past all the grit in their lives to become bright, shining pearls…beautiful examples of how growth and good things can still happen in the face of adversity…love these 4 incredible women!

  29. Christine


    The pearls in my life is my son who now loves bed in heaven, and my kitties who are here with me on earth.

  30. Jodi


    My 4 birth pearls and the 2 beautiful little foster pearls – they’re all so very precious to me!

  31. Sandie White


    The Pearl’s in my life are my wonderful soon and my two grandkids…they give my life meaning!

  32. Mary Bearden


    I would have to say that my husband, Mike is my biggest and brightest pearl for all the patience and love that he shows me even when I am at my worst. Without him, I don’t know how I would have survived these last 10 years of pain and countless surgeries and treatments to figure out how to help me manage my pain. When Mike is working, I have my 2nd brightest pearl with me during the day, my Yorkie, Charlie who never leaves my side and stays right there with me until Mike gets home. Without those 2 in my corner, life would definitely be bleak!

  33. Annamarie V


    The pearls in my life are my Husband, My parents, My brother and sister, my nieces and my new puppy I’m getting in 3 weeks.

  34. Nora Kesbeh


    The pearls in my life are my parents, whom I’m indebted to for all the good in my life. I’m also indebted to my amazing professors and mentors and finally, my spiritual master and life coach who has illuminated me with his knowledge and wisdom and taught me how to maximize my potential and do everything with love and excellence.

  35. Rebecca F


    My mom is my pearl! She does it all. She helps out my grandparents, volunteers with her church and the Big Sisters organization. She also helps out my brother and I with odd jobs around the house and watching our dogs when we need a sitter. She’s the best!

  36. Andrea Chandler


    My pearl is my grandson. He melts my heart and makes me forget all my problems when he’s around. That special hug is all it takes.

  37. Cynthia Schmied


    My two daughters are my pearls in life. They bring me such Joy. Even though they are grown and no longer live in my home, we are still in close contact and see each other often.

  38. Alison


    My best friend Marty Weygand. Always been there for me, through everything, for the past 13 years.

  39. Jessica D


    I have many pearls in my life including (but not limited to) my boyfriend, my two sisters, my brother, and my three very unique best friends

  40. Katie


    My best friends Julie and Sara, they have my back no matter what and give me grace when I mess up.K

  41. kristen visser


    my mom and my mother in law and my babcia (grandma) are the pearls in my life #LibrePearls

  42. Kimberly B.


    My husband is my pearl. He has always loved me unconditionally and is very supportive.

  43. Chantal Thibault-Fray


    The pearls in my life are my husband, My daughter and my son and my Dog Molly, I have been bed ridden for the last few weeks and am unable to walk or move without assistance, They have been there for me to do everything from laundry,cooking,shopping as well as taking care of my elderly father, and my Dog comforts me too and she helps me up!!-Thank goodness for my pearls!

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