Tammy from ‘Autism Learning Felt’ says, “I would definitely recommend it for both the quality construction and the unique way it brews tea.”

Libre Mug

Michele McIntyre from the Spa Examiner says, “The Libre loose leaf tea glass makes it easy to stay hydrated and drink more tea.”

Julee Bauer from the Kitchen Maison says, “Enjoy the best loose leaf tea with your Libre Tea glass where ever you are.”

Living Smart Girl says, “I am so thrilled with my new mug, the ease of use and the great tasting tea it makes in just minutes.”

Lisa from Planet Weidknecht says, “I absolutely love my new Libre Tea Mug and have even discovered chocolate tea!

Torview Toronto says, “You will love this Libre glass to enjoy your favourite beverage hot without worrying about it becoming cold.” 

Mom With a Dot Com loves her Libre! “Wow, I love it! I’m pretty sure I will drink more tea because of this mug. You simply put your loose tea in the removable stainless-steel filter (which keeps tea leaves in the glass and out of your mouth), pour hot water in the mug, close the lid and turn it upside down. Once it’s brewed you can drink it – super easy!

Mary from Mary’s Cup of Tea loves her new Libre Original. “I like that this size is easier to fit into my handbag and in the cup holder of my car! Oh, and it is alot easier to fit into yours or your children’s back packs.”

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