Love being in the Tathaastu Magazine January/February issue! 

Tathaastu Magazine Jan-Feb 2013


Danielle from Holistic Style & Wellness has reviewed the Libre Tea Collection she won through MyYogaOnline and says, “If you are on the go like me and enjoy drinking your tea out of something pretty, Libre Tea Glasses make it possible to take your tea on the go, neatly and efficiently.”



Becky from Week99er reviewed the Libre Large. She says, “One of my favorite things about the Libre Tea glass was that it helped my tea stay warm. Even after a couple hours my tea was still warm inside and still had great flavor!”

Alicia from Fun Reviews & Giveaways says, “I am in love with this company already and just received my Libre Tea Glass in the mail today. I have used it for hot chocolate, as well as hot tea. It’s made to keep drinks warm, mainly tea and it does its job!”

Tammie's reviews, giveaways and more Tammie from Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways & More reviewed the Libre Tea Glass. And says, “The thing I think I like the most about this product is that you can make it how every you like it.  Make it how strong or how weak is up to you.”

Erica from Walking In My Shoes says, “I am a huge teal lover and love the fact that I can take mine anywhere, anytime and it is easy to clean. I also love the look of the glasses, everyone I see when I have mine ask me where I got it from, that it is so cool and the tea taste so good.”



Melanie from A Year of Jubilee Reviews says, “The Libre Tea Mug is one of the greatest inventions!! I have loved using mine daily for a huge variety of teas.”

Kerrie from Family Food and Travel says, “I recently received this beautiful Libre Tea Glass and was amazed at how stunning it is.  Unlike other big, heavy and clunky loose tea mugs/glasses this one is stylish, light and surprisingly durable.  I love my Libre tea infuser!”

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  1. Thang Nguyen


    Libre tea bottles are beautiful and works great. I use it every day from morning to night. Some times I forget my wallet at home but not my Libre tea bottle. I’ve recommeded Libre tea bottles to my yoga teachers and students. I really appreciate the great customer service. They really listen to you and provide a quick response. Just ordered 4 more bottles. I’m a happy camper!

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