black dog asanaMaggie from Black Dog Asana loves her Libre Mug and says, “Libre Tea Is Liberating Us from Limiting Libations Yet Again!” 

Lindsay from Strive to Stride says, “Libre has been an important part of my everyday for over 4 years. Thanks for making such an amazing product.”

Amanda over at Open Hands says, “I simply love the Libre Tea products. My tea stays warm for hours , but the glass doesn’t get too hot to handle. It is perfect for on the go, or just at home.”

Sarah from The Education of a Stay at Home Mom says, “ I can take tea on the go in the morning and then refill the cup with water throughout the day to stay hydrated and feeling great whether we’re at home or our and about.”

Cheshire Cat says if you drink a lot of tea she recommends the Libre Large tea glass. “I love being able to add hot water at gas stations for free.” And the Libre Original ‘fits in my cup holder great.” 

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