Reflecting and clarifying… Enjoy a tea moment while journaling, it’s a great way to relax and reflect about what is going on around you and inside you. 

How can Journaling help?

  • relieve stress – let it all pour outJournaling Tea Moment
  • understand your feelings and reactions more clearly
  • shed awareness on how the past is colouring the present
  • clarify your thoughts, generate an alternative perspective

As children, our teachers often had us practice our penmanship by writing in a daily journal. Or perhaps you had a diary where you wrote your private thoughts and then hid it under your mattress to insure no sneaky sibling or parent would read.


Did you know?  Journaling has been scientifically proven to help with asthma, arthritis, and improve your cognitive function and immune system.


What do you need to start journaling?

  • Pen and paper or computer
  • 10 to 20 minutes a day (start with a sentence or 2 daily & soon your thoughts will easily flow – just write what comes to mind – you might be surprised)


It’s not in the rereading that one finds solace but in the writing itself. It’s like crying—you don’t know why, but you feel so much better afterward. Everything pours, streams, flows, out of you aimlessly,” writes Samara O’Shea  


Why not make yourself some tea in your Libre Tea Glass and sit down to write your thoughts about the day – How did it start, what did you like, what would you change, what will you do different tomorrow, how are you feeling right now…

These are your private thoughts and your feelings so be sure to find a safe and secure spot to keep your journal.


Here are 2 teas that we suggest to enjoy your journaling tea moments:

Lavender Butterfly from Sawadee Tea House in Halifax, NS

Cranberry Autumn from The Necessiteas in West Point, UT


Congratulations to Olivia D. who won last week’s tea giveaway!


Describe your journaling routine, where, when, with what and enter to win one of our suggested teas!


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Comments (18)

  1. Kris


    I have used pencil and paper most often, and when ever the mood strikes… I don’t keep a regular journal, but write when I feel the need to express myself or to save a memory

  2. Crystal


    I love journals!! I have many..some are regular note books and some are fancy journal and diaries. I like writing down events , lyrics, recipes and other things i find interesting through out my day.

  3. Olivia Rubin


    I like to draw instead of write. Sit in the corner of the couch, with my Labrador retriever next to me. I just start sketching what is going on and will add words around that

  4. Christopher Sorel


    Love to make a pot of blueberry green tea and then freshen up the journal once a week of my adventures and life. Heck I have a seperate small one for when I do BBQ

  5. Mariann Rhodes


    A simple notebook and pen, sometimes I change the color of the ink. I like to record special happenings during the day or the week.
    Sipping a cup of tea is a bonus ! 🙂

  6. Charlyn Marie


    Journaling is so good for the soul. I usually write before bed with a cup of chamomile tea. I have two. One is my “Gratitude” journal, the bedtime one and then another for any time of the day when I am stressed or feel things are unjustified and I call that one my “Not so Gratifying: Journal. They both work wonders!

  7. Lori D.


    I don’t get time to write everyday as I am mother to a special needs child, and that can be quite demanding in itself. When I do journal, I love to write with some chubby colored pencils I bought from my favorite bookstore. I actually make my own journals by repurposing things, right now my I am jotting down my thoughts and dreams into a journal I made out of brown paper shopping bags.

  8. jules mcnubbin


    i usually journal before bed, or while i am in the tub… the only times i have any privacy!

  9. Karol


    I don’t journal per se (I used to), now I just write when I need to get something off my chest or when the mood strikes. For me, writing poetry, stories, etc…is more therapeutic than journaling, so that tends to be how I write. I write whenever the mood strikes 🙂

  10. alisa


    i used to journal a lot but now i don’t as much. i used to journal at bedtime or whenever i needed to wind down.

  11. Daphne


    I do not journal I meditate on the front porch, with candles, even in the day. So many different ways to meditate. My fave is with Tibetan singing bowls.

  12. Reply

    I’ve kept an online blog for over 8 years. I started it back in the dark days of the internet when hardly anyone was blogging. I mainly write about art, but I’ve also talked about other aspects of my life from time to time. When the 2010 Games were on, I was blogging my Olympic & Paralympic journey as a Blue Jacket.

    I also make handmade journals, using recycled bits of paper that comes into my life. I don’t write in these journals so much as sew and glue all the pretty bits I want to keep. It’s very relaxing to just sit and do this from time to time.

    Here’s an example of what I mean-I made a video:

    Lots of sewing in that one. Here’s another:

  13. stacy hancock


    i journal of sorts on my blog. pretty much during naptime, just on the couch. with a good cup of tea and some fruit/crackers/nuts/cheese. it’s my way to unwind, share my life, the things i’m learning.

  14. stacey h


    I have a notebook that i jot everything down in. To do lists, thoughts, exercise, everything. it’s a mess but it makes sense to me. i often keep them and look back and reflect

  15. Olivia Douglass


    I LOVE journaling- it helps me to relieve the stress in my life. My entries are from my daily experiences, goals for tomorrow, etc. Tea always clears the mind!!

  16. Reply

    I have a number of blogs… One of them is specifically for helping me unwind, reflect, and improve upon myself… while at the same time offering helpful suggestions to others :3

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