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Simple ways to help the young souls in your house on their journey back to school.

As a parent, I feel an array of emotions as another summer comes to a close and my son goes back to school.

I crave for the long, carefree summer nights to continue yet desire to return to a routine, the work I am passionate about and some space.

I am in awe of how fast life is moving… how big my boy is getting. I’m celebrating the incredible young man he is becoming and in the same moment want to tuck him back into his stroller.

I know in my heart, like with everything in life, all I can do is breath in the moments as deeply as I can and then release them with gratitude.

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There’s a lot of hype around going “Back To School” – shopping sprees, new clothes, fancy calendars, commitments of high achievement and super family routines… anxiety, stress and pressure.

When what we truly desire for our children is for them to thrive…to feel good in their gangly bodies, confident as they move into their new classrooms and reacquaint with friends, connect with their teachers, know that they have the power to choose how they feel and create their own experience.

So, what are some simple ways that you can help the young souls in your house on their journey back to school?

  1. Make how your kids feel the number one priority and give them the opportunity to talk about where they are at.  Ask open ended questions about their friends, the school work, teachers and clubs etc.
  2. Ask your kids to define how they want to feel this school year. Then talk about the kinds of things that they can do to help them to feel the way they want to feel. Open the conversation about how they have the power to choose how they feel – even though it doesn’t always seem that way. Have them write their words on a piece of paper and post them on the fridge. This will give you the opportunity to return to these feelings and check in with them as the year unfolds.
  3. Find out what is most important to them about the upcoming school year. Making new friends, their grades, joining certain clubs, sports etc.,
  4. Create space and time in everyone’s schedule for the transition so being present stays at the top of your list of priorities. It takes time to shift into a new routine for everyone. Do less so you can ease into the new routines. Keep everything non-essential off your list – play dates to a minimum, extra activities etc. and not just for the kids. After the summer, the list of things you plan to do in September is usually pretty huge by the time it arrives. Reminding yourself that you will get everything done and that your children need your presence and support more than anything helps to put that list into perspective.
  5. Use organization as a tool to support and enhance everyone’s experience. Sure matching baskets and fancy labels are pretty but organization is about making your life easier and giving you the opportunity to enjoy being present instead of stressed out looking for things. Before school starts, clear out the kids closets, identify where school bags and shoes go and find the tupperwear you’ll need for lunch kits. Read this article on clearing your path for step by step instructions on getting organized.

Here’s to opting out of the Back to School hype and instead creating more space for moments to be shared.

Cropped-Leah-0001Leah Goard, practices principles that embody soulful and strategic ways to nurture your ability to thrive. Her programs guide you to redefine what you want, design a road map to follow and bring alignment through your thoughts, decisions and actions. Join Leah this September for the Soul + Strategy Online Series + Live Retreat;  an 8 week program designed to help entrepreneurs create financial and creative freedom.

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