Mary from Mary’s Cup of Tea says, “I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the tea and to clean up the bottle.”

Here’s what Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies says about her Libre Tea glass, “Now it’s easy to grab my 14 oz Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass and brew the tea right in the cup as I’m walking out the door!  No waiting, no hassles and the outside of my cup stays cool to the touch.”

Michelle from Powered By Mom says, “If you love drinking tea and have always wanted an easier way to have your tea wherever you are then Libre Tea Glass n’ Poly glasses are for you!”

Teri from Mom to Bed by 8 says, “I have had a great experience so far and cannot wait to take this baby on the go with me every day this winter.”

Debi from The Springmount 6 Pack says, “The Libre glass much makes it so easy to take along The Spring Mount 6 Pack the mug and tea and have a nice refreshing glass of tea just about anywhere.”




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