The Libre Tea Mug has been YoYo Mama approved as safe for our kid-filled, on-the-go life.

Denise, from ’50 Plus Single BBW’, says “I think if you are a loose tea drinker you will absolutely love this product!”

Broken Teepee says her hubby loves his, “He takes it to work every day he goes. He makes his tea and it steeps on his drive to work. Then he drinks it and it nice and strong, just as he likes it.”

Christina, from Christina’s Voice says, ” I personally love the thick glass that has the filter on top you can just pour our loose tea in there and run some water and there you have it a nice glass of free loose tea.”

Did You Know Canada? Has reviewed the Libre Large and says, “Any of their sizes would make fantastic gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, a new Graduate or any tea lover in your life.”

Vivian at Natural Baby Products is crazy about tea and says, “The product looks very elegant and beautiful and most importantly allows me to make the best drinking tea using natural tea leaves quickly and easily.”

My Milwaukee Mommy says, “I have been using my Libre Tea everyday for a little over 2 weeks-it is so much fun.  It is really keeping me on a tea kick instead of stopping for coffee in the morning.”

Rach from Mrs. Adventure says, “I opened the box and saw the gorgeous contents I was excited! This is one of the most beautiful glasses I have ever had the pleasure of drinking from.”

Laura from New Age Mama says “You won’t know how you got by without a Libre if you give it a try.”

Rita from ‘One 2 Try’ -Tea aficionados unite! There is a way to savor your loose leaf teas on the go. The Libre Tea Glasses allow you to drink loose leaf tea at home or on the go. The concept is brilliant.

Danielle from A Delicious Obsession reviewed our Libre Tea Original and says, “I love this product and can’t wait to be able to use it on the go more.”


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