Jacqui from Single Parent Retreat loves her Single Parent RetreatLibre and takes it everywhere she goes, “  I do take it with me everywhere too.  Dropping off and picking up the kiddo from school, running out to the store and other errands I need to run.”


Debra from Strange Dayze Indeed says, “I adore this mug. It looks great and feels great when you’re holding it and drinking from it.” 


Little Yellow Tea Pot shares the spot light with ‘the steeping mug’, an Original Libre, when steeping a Japanese Sencha. The Tea Gang strikes again 🙂


Brandi from Yee Wittle Things says, “Libre Tea is a great addition to any tea lovers day.”


Kayla from The Eclectic Element says, “this is the best product I’ve come across yet and I’m not just saying that! And it’s so EASY!”


Libre MugKelley from Kelley’s Nutrition loves her Libre – I am always on the go, so I love using my Eco Libre Tea Mug, on left.  These are great for loose leaf and tea bags!”  

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