Leah Goard, Leah GoardWhat does it truly take to thrive…

Leah Goard is a soul searching, strategic business and lifestyle consultant, speaker, author and woman in hot pursuit of the multi-layered answer to one very important question… “What does it truly take to thrive in business and life?”

Leah draws on her twenty + years of experience in business spanning four continents in industries including health & wellness, off shore finances, marketing and business consulting. As the driving force behind her company Define, Design, Align she is passionately dedicated to helping courageous individuals and businesses find clarity, rediscover their purpose & direction, reclaim their freedom & create a sustainable abundant lifestyle.

Leah Goard, Leah Goard“Libre’s form, function & philosophy aligns with my belief that to truly thrive we must integrate ways of becoming mindful on a moment by moment basis to nourish our bodies, honor our desires and cultivate our soul’s purpose,” says Leah.

Website: www.leahgoard.com

Face book: https://www.facebook.com/leahcgoard

Leah Goard

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