Let’s love ourselves so we can contribute our best to this world – including all dimensions of ourselves; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. 

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~World Health Organization

We’ve passed the middle of January so lets NOW make a commitment to our physical health – the foundation of our well-being. Our physical systems all work better when they are activated and exercised and all.  We need to be active to stimulate all the micro activities that we are not even ware of (such as breathing, heart pumping, etc.), to work.

So lets not say ‘exercise’ lets think activation – even walking a few extra steps or stretching are very valuable for our physical bodies. Another way of thinking about it is to be aware of your activity and how can you add a bit more into your day.

Look for ways to work activity into your entire day:

  • do stairs instead of taking the elevatorGet Physical - Bike to Work
  • park a little farther away from the door at work/stores
  •  take a walk on your lunch break
  • see yard work as an opportunity for exercise
  • exercise at your desk – scissor kicks under desk, leg & arm stretches
  • turn on some music and dance your way through the housework/with a bonus clean bathroom
  • enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse
  • think of shoveling the driveway as a way to keep you and your family safe
  • bike to work
  • play a game of charades with the kids instead of watching the TV

Start where you can – what’s your favourite way to work physical activity into the day?

The best way to serve and contribute to this world is to take care and love ourselves.

 AND Why not take care of the world daily by going to our Give First page and click to give! What a great way to start and share that loving feeling : )


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  1. Olivia Rubin


    To take my dog on a walk and let her enjoy sniffing and discovering and have the patience to remember this is just a bit of time out of my day and it makes her so happy

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