A few people have asked about how to use the Libre tea glass. As you maybe aware there are 2 styles of Libre tea glass – a Glass’n Glass model and a Glass’n Poly model.

The Glass’n Glass model can only be used with the tea leaves in the glass and then drinking through the filter or if at home or at the office one can pour through the filter into their favourite tea cup.

The Glass’n Poly model can also be used like the Glass’n Glass and has another mode of use for teas that require a limited steeping time.  The ‘how to use’ web page of Libre has had photos to explain andnow there is more for tea moment sippers:)

Brand new!! …. its a Libre Glass’n Poly model deomstration video. This 3 minute video has a great explanation of how to use the Libre Glass’n Poly in both ways to maximise its usefulness in your life.  It is easy to understand and for wide access is now posted on You Tube  and in the Libre how to use page.

Please take an opportunity to watch this video featuring the Libre Glass’n Poly model. I am very appreciative and want to acknowledge the professional skills, patience and support of my videographer Jason Weir. It was only through his dedicated efforts and hours that this has come to be…..Thanks so very much.

Please always use caution when dealing with hot and boiling water.

Enjoy a tea moment today … anywhere, anytime with your Libre tea glass for loose leaf  ‘on the go’.

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