The Libre filter is an important part of your Libre tea glass – and it has many talents!

First, the removable stainless-steel filter, keeps tea leaves in the glass, away from your mouth when steeping tea in the glass (e.g. green teas, fruit’n herb waters or herbal tisanes) and for the inverted steep, the filter is removable keeping the tea leaves out of the glass. Our ‘how to’ video shows these two ways to make your loose tea – of course just as effective with a tea bag.

Second, the handy filter can work on the glass bottle with the lid on, as a shaker bottle – and with a variety of beverages too; like protein shakes, matcha, cold or hot chocolate, yerba mate, broths and even coffee! 🙂 The glass interior and poly exterior help keep your beverage hot or cold for over an hour.

The filter makes it easy to mix these up in your Libre tea glass – using the filter as a sieve   for easy blending – then just shake to serve. Perfect for adding new and more beverages to your daily routine.

Thirdly, the filter is great for soothing herbal homemade remedies – we love lemon slices and fresh ginger slices to keep away a cold.

Fourth, for cool fruit’n herb waters it is also very useful – great for cucumber or mint or pop in some berries. It will keep all the goodies in the bottom for your sipping pleasure – make up your own recipes.

Yes we love the filter it makes the Libre tea glass and with the glass interior that is flavour fresh with every wash it is always ready for your next beverage!

Here is one of Wendy’s favourite recipes making good use of the Libre filter:

Wendy’s Coconut Matcha Latte

Coconut Matcha Latte

Step 1: place 1 tsp of matcha on top of the filter, sieve matcha through the Libre tea filter screen

Step 2: place 2 tsp of coconut milk powder in your Libre

Step 3: pour in desired amount of hot water (let the steam clear if freshly boiled) – then turn on its side and hold and shake like a maraca – back and forth, side to side – it will be a fun minute and your beverage with smooth, creamy – watch that all matcha is blended. And all that shakin’ is a great for an inside massageJ

You can follow the above recipe replacing the matcha with your favourite protein powder or hot chocolate mix for a delicious afternoon pick-me-up.

 What’s your recipe??

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Comments (40)

  1. KittyPride


    I make ginger tea with fresh grated ginger that I keep in the freezer, wither on zest and honey

  2. Ashtar


    I make my own blend of lavender coffee and also sell it. I use organic coffee and naturally dried organic english lavender. I add some rice milk or rice cream, sit back, relax and unwind with this delicious and outstanding adventure on ones taste buds! Truly a unique experience! Would be interesting to try to brew this mix in a Libre tea flask.

  3. Rachael


    I use dried mint, frozen grated ginger, frozen (from fresh) lemon juice cubes, slices of celery and slices of cucumber to make a great infused water that keeps its flavour all day, even as you refill it over and over again.



    I like fresh mint in my water and it does keep the leaves away and really makes it taste wonderful… add some lemon or line and it is fantastic!

  5. Zafir


    I don’t have a libre tea yet but I really want one. I will put a slice of lemon, ginger and honey to the tea.

  6. Vilma Pacheco


    I love fresh lemonade with grated ginger, mint leaves and a touch of honey. Very refreshing.

  7. Patricia Fondrin


    I like to start my day by putting about a quarter of a lemon, a dab of honey, and a pinch of cayenne in my Libre. Cover with hot water, and shake it up.

  8. Vernon E. Warner Jr


    I like to make my daily tcm health drink (various chinese herbs, tumeric, matcha, astragalus, etc.)

  9. Terri Cole


    I like to infuse water with cucumber, fresh mint and lime slices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Becca Z


    My recipe is organic turmeric root slices, organic ginger root slices, organic lemon slices, and a few drops of organic liquid stevia.

  11. Valarie Lee Gentry


    I love this Coconut Matcha Latte recipe! I’m going have to try it. I like to infuse fruits into my teas and water. I first tried this in Mexico and it was delicious!

  12. sherry blamer


    I would love to try out some recipes with this. im more of a sweet black tea drinker I dont mix too much of anything in my tea. it would be great to try loose leaves of tea in this glass.

  13. Kimberly


    I use Peach Tranquility and put a bunch of ice in it and refrigerate it over night.

  14. Dee Schwark


    I steep my tea, add homemade ice cubes infused with fruit and add a bit of honey!

  15. Megan


    My husband uses his for cinnamon stick rooibos. I would use fresh mint or use it to whisk matcha – I like my matcha straight up with a small, sweet treat – like we did in Japan. 🙂

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