Now that the weather is turning to nicer days it is time to get going and get out there!!.

Time in nature connects us to the bigger ‘what is’ and reminds us of the magic of this universe – the diversity of the flora and fauna that reappears every spring and blooms into beauty as the year moves on. Plan some outdoor adventures and activities or just go out the door and truly appreciate the nature you can spy and its generative forces. Nature is a great place to remember we are part of a much bigger picture than we can even imagine and often helps us with perspective on our own challenges. We are all connected 🙂

Enjoy a tea moment ‘on the go’ the next time you head out the door.

Yes you may be thirsty and your Libre makes a great companion not only great for hot or iced tea but for a variety of beverages; like protein shakes, water, fruit infused water, and even coffee! :-)The glass interior and poly exterior help keep your beverage hot or cold for over an hour.

Libre on the go collage

And if your adventure is more rough and tumble know that Libre’s durability makes it the beverage container for ‘on the go’. Perfect for tea moments outdoors.

Remember your Libre tea glass when you go hiking or camping, have picnics at the park or family barbecues, are out on the boat or heading to the beach.

Enjoy your tea moments anywhere and anytime!

Where will you take your Libre for tea moments on the go?

Please take a ‘tea moment’ photo on your outdoor adventures – we look forward to having you share yours #teamoments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Share your favourite outdoor adventure where you would take your Libre for a chance to win a Libre Tea glass of your choice!

We find many people like to have a couple of Libres – in a couple of sizes – so enter today for your chance to win!



Comments (38)

  1. KittyPride


    I would take my Libre to the beach to hunt beach glass and enjoy the ocean breezes 🙂

  2. leslie twining


    We are going camping at the beach in June. I can’t wait to wake up to the waves of the ocean the sun rising. Then we can heat some hot water over the fire and I can make some tea with my Libre. Poor hubby will be mighty jealous 😉

  3. Lori Leal


    I’d love to take a libre tea glass on our upcoming road trip to the beach in Charleston, SC! It’s perfect for all kinds of adventures so that’s just one of many places I’d like to roam with a libre tea glass 🙂 They’re so convenient and handy for everyday use, but especially for traveling and adventures… which is what I love to do most!

  4. Amanda Alvarado


    I would take it with me to the beach when we go in June for my HS reunion!

  5. Karol


    I would take it to the beach this summer. A nice refreshing tea after swimming and tossing around the frisbee 🙂

  6. Perietta Migranté


    Where would I take the libre tea glass? It would be placed in backpack while I ride a bike through the trails in my local park 🙂

  7. Marygrace Monteleone


    I’d take my hot tea along when i take my treks to the zoo or natural history museum with the kids. They like to drink tea with me 🙂

  8. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    I always take a thermos of hot tea with me everywhere, out hiking is my favorite, I find a nice woodland area and sip my tea and enjoy nature.

  9. Maryann D.


    I would just take my tea with me on a nice long walk around my neighborhood.

  10. Nicole


    If I had a Libre tea flask I would go for a long walk in Ashdown Forest in Sussex. I love being close to nature, it is beautiful to see the sun shinning through the trees. Watching animals in their natural habitat. Smelling all the smells of the forest, trees, moss, flowers, especially just after it has rained. It makes you feel so alive and very connected and it is great to go for a picnic to relax and unwind. Also you can meet some lovely people, share a cup of tea and some home made cake. There is no better way and after all these years, tea is still bringing people together for all backgrounds and walks of life – beautiful!

  11. Denise J.


    I would take my tea to the park for the day with my three energetic fun loving kids!

  12. Holly C.


    I would take my Libre with me on my bike rides along the river. Beautiful view and sipping on my green tea, perfect ♥

  13. Elizabeth


    I would take this to my local library. They recently relaxed the “no food or drink” policy and now allow drinks in covered containers inside the library. It would be perfect to sip some tea while spending an afternoon reading!

  14. Ashley M


    I would take mine with me while me and my husband go fishing, usually afterwards we also enjoy a nice hike! Thanks for the chance gold luck all!

  15. kaye newman


    I would take it to the park with me. I take my son several times a week and this would be perfect to take with me.

  16. Christina


    I’d take my Libre road tripping! Hot water is easy to get anywhere. Good tea, not so much.

  17. Karen D


    I would take it to mid-coast Maine. Enjoy the coast, hike the Camden Hills, and venture to inland for a bike trip. Maybe even take it on the ferry to Isle au Haut!

  18. Dee Schwark


    I would take it camping….I get to enjoy my favourite drink and keeps the bugs out!

  19. Reply

    I would take a Libre tea glass on a hike to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. Then refill it at Honey Doughnuts on the way home!

  20. Reply

    I would Love to take mine to the beach…looking out over the water…if i had libre tea with me it would make for a sweeeeet day…

  21. Mary Leming


    My husband and I travel in our camper often so I would take my Libre Tea Glass on all of our trips. It would be very handy, and I think they are absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  22. craig


    I would take my Libre Tea to the top of Cypress Mountain upon Sunrise to enjoy a peaceful moment before the fast pace of day

  23. Rebecca T


    Bring Your Own Baby yoga class! Or for an outdoor answer…to the lake for waterside sipping.

  24. Fiona N


    My favourite outdoor adventure where I would take the Libre tea glass is the beach or mountain. I love hiking, so I think it would be a great one that helps me to stay well hydrated!
    Thank You for the chance!

  25. Tenielle S


    We just started T-ball practices, so I would take it with me to those.

  26. Jeremy


    I would take my Libre Tea on a hike in the mountains of Korea when I visit family there. What better way to relax and unwind than with Libre Tea and clean, fresh air in the mountains.

  27. Amy


    My husband and I love our Libres!! We take them everywhere and they keep your tea hot for so long! Sleek clean design, too. We took ours on our vacation to Hawaii and enjoyed tea on the beach!

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