It’s time for a Libre Life sneak peak! Introducing the Libre Life Collection!

Libre Life Collection 2

The new Libre Life Collection is our ode to color in our lives. You’ve come to love the Libre features so key to your fulfilled life.  And now the cool drink solution – perfect for fruit’n herb waters, iced teas, sun teas – Libre keeps it hot or cold!!

The Libre Life Collection is a medley of inspiration – Starburst Turquise, Lively Leaves Lime and Black Brush. Each is a burst of energy and handy companion for all your summer tea moments.

starburst 3The Starburst turquoise has an inspirational, pretty, blue and green palette – we are all stars when we enjoy tea moments and especially when we really settle into a tea moment to contemplate our connections to our cosmos – it only takes a concentrated minute.

leaves 3
Lively Leaves Lime is fun, fanciful and full leafed! The variety of greens and our inspired leaf patterns just dance on this style of the Life Collection and truly with so many kind of teas both hot and cold to celebrate the traditional ‘leafers’ will enjoy the playful nature.

black brush 3


Serene Black Brush for every occasion – just like the ‘little black dress’ that goes everywhere so does our new Black trimmed LIbre tea glass. Its serene and delicate pattern of light brush strokes and small clusters of pale blossoms invites you into a tea moment every time you gaze at it. And now truly, a tea moment with basic black – anytime, anywhere. And with the new masculine black, the men are gonna want it as their best ‘to go’ tea drinkin tool.

The Libre Life Collection will be available August 1st in Canada and the United States. They hold 14oz/420ml of your favourite beverage on-the-go or relaxing at home.

The Libre Life is what you make it – stop for a relaxing and refreshing tea moment today

Let us know which Libre is your favourite to be entered in this giveaway for a Libre Life glass!


Comments (164)

  1. Kam Yin Chak


    I love the Lively Leaves and I am sure it would be the perfect match with my favourite green tea!

  2. Angela Mitchell


    I love this new collection. My favourite is the Starburst Turquoise.

  3. Lina


    Lively Leaves Lime will be great for hike. Has a great outdoor feel to it!

  4. wendy c g


    I love the The Starburst turquoise. I’ve been thinking about one of these. Thanks

  5. sherry blamer


    I love the starburst turquoise. such a great color for a tea glass.

  6. Nicole B


    So hard to choose! I’m going to have to go with the most tranquil – Serene Black Brush.

  7. stacey h


    i really like the Lively Leaves Lime – this seems to be my favorite colour – i just bought an area rug that is similar

  8. Cinda Stone


    My herbal water will go great with the Lively Leaves Lime. That’s my favorite!

  9. Michelle Proper


    Lively Leaves Lime is just so pretty to look at…love them all though 🙂

  10. Dawn


    Love the entire collection! Lively Leaves Lime is my favourite right now.

  11. Gina


    The Starburst turquoise is gorgeous! The color reminds me of my favorite oceans. 😀 And I love Libre SO much!!!

  12. Jill B


    I love all of them, but I would probably choose the Starburst turquoise!

  13. Amanda


    I would love the black … And the turquoise … I may need to buy both … I always bring a couple teas with me when leaving the house !

  14. Jackie


    My favorite is definitely the Lively Leaves Lime. I love the bright colors and leaf design.

  15. Brittany Chelette


    I can’t get enough of the new Lively Leaves! While I would love to eventually add all three to our cabinet, the Lively Leaves would definitely be my ‘show off/advocate’ libre tea for when I’m going somewhere special or on a play date.

  16. Wanda


    Love this new collection….lively leaves lime and the starburst turquoise

  17. Lisa


    How can I pick a favorite?? They are all wonderful. Lively leaves lime feels serene to me!

  18. Julie


    I’d say the Black Brush for my boyfriend and to both use! It’s the perfect colour that both of us would love to carry around. I like the other two colours, but definitely the black one for the two of us.

  19. Olivia Rubin


    The starburst turquoise would be great alongside a morning of yoga

  20. Rachel


    I LOVE the Serene Black Brush and have since I first saw it in my email a few months back! It’s beautiful.

  21. Crystal Englot


    My favorite is the Starburst turquoise! I love the bright pop of color since it would match my personality 🙂

  22. Manna


    I like the lively leaves lime the best! It has a sort of “natural,” tea like color to it.

  23. Reply

    The lively leaves lime glass will work perfectly in my spiritual garden as I sit each AM in meditation. Thank you for sharing your love of tea with us.

  24. Merry


    These are a nice pop of color! I like the Starburst turquoise best, as it’s such a cheerful color. Perfect for those dreary mornings!

  25. heidi c.


    Lively Leaves Lime is so pretty and fresh for summer and definitely inspires me to want to drink lots of refreshing iced tea!

  26. Lois


    I am drawn to the Lively Leaves Lime. I have an affinity to all shades of green….must be the Irish in me!

  27. Julie


    I’m always a fan of blue-green colours. I plan on getting the Starburst Turquoise.

  28. Leigh Cwynar


    They are very lovely, but my favorites are:
    1. Starburst Turquoise
    Tied 2. Serene Black Brush &Lively Lemon Leaves

  29. Tammy S


    starburt turquoise is sooo pretty…would definately make me smile with every sip

  30. Katherine


    The Lively Leaves Lime stands out the most to me, but the whole collection looks great!

  31. Kelli


    Hey, if I nab the starburst turquoise would it be enough color to make my friend cease from criticizing my all black wardrobe?.

  32. Nicole


    They are all beautiful! I do really like the originals as well. The lively leaves lime keeps standing out to me. It really makes me feel in the moment, very summer ish. I have really been getting into trying new herbal teas and doing my own mixes, they would look great swirling around a Libre Tea flask! I am having a ‘Tea Party’ with friends, the theme is ‘Healthy’ and ‘Tea’ of course! A day to help us all reconnect to each other, life & our environment. Also to appreciate how lucky we are to have luxuries such as running water, electricity to boil our kettles and amazing health shops to buy our yummy tea and all those involved before we sit down to actually be able to have a pure ‘Tea Moment’. If I win a flask then it will take pride of place and I would gladly swap my fine bone china cup & saucer for one! Love to you all

  33. Tammy


    I like all the new collections .
    I’m an avid tea drinker and would love to own any of these:)

  34. Brett Ann


    It’s a toss up between the very chic black & the turquoise <3 so pretty

  35. Christina


    it was hard to pick between the lime & turquoise but turquoise wins out.

  36. Roberta Vriesema


    I love all three but was instantly drawn to the Starburst Turquoise. I love the Black one for the office, and the Lively Leaves (if I had all sorts of extra funds!) my “weekend” cup :o).

  37. Marygrace Montelrone


    I just like the name ‘Lively Leaves Lime’ i would carry around that Libre proudly & show it off!

  38. Becca Z


    Starburst Turquoise is my fave of the three, reminds me of Caribbean waters.

  39. Jenna


    I love them all! I’ll pick the Starburst Turquoise though, since turquoise is one of my favorite colors. ^_^

  40. Rachael


    I like the classic Serene Black, but I also love the Lively Leaves pattern.

  41. Shannon


    If I had to pick just one it would have to be the black….simple yet classy

  42. Amber Mejia


    The turquoise is my favorite but the black is also quite attractive.

  43. Kaley


    Love the new collection, Libre Tea! I love the Lively Leaves one–I can picture mint and lemon verbena from my garden in that one! Would be so handy for on the go tea-sipping!

  44. Lahonna


    OOOh! Lively Leaves Lime wins! and I like the new lids, also, one piece makes perfect sense.

  45. Linda McCann


    The one in my hand…oh wait! I don’t have one in my hand. Any of them would be wonderful.

  46. Reply

    I would love to have the Serene Black Brush glass! It really looks so cool and unique and will be an awesome addition to the fall/winter time when drinking hot tea!

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