Our little Libre tea glass has been creating a mighty storm in the online world of tea and health.  We thought we’d share some of the coverage with you.

1. Veg News – Veg News is a magazine dedicated to all things vegetarian.  The Veg News motto, Think. Eat. Thrive. is clearly reflected by the magazine’s great recipes, articles and contests.  Veg News’ online segment ran a contest to give away a few Libre Tea glasses.  The magazine asked readers to write in and comment on their favourite types of tea.  127 tea enthusiasts joined in and two lucky winners were chosen.  Thanks, Veg News!

2. The Tea Review Blog:  We were lucky enough to have a reviewer named The Tea Guru review the Libre Glass on this very informative blog. The Tea Review Blog is especially great because it a community-based blog where tea-lovers review tea and tea-related items simply because they love tea.  Thanks for the great review, Tea Guru.

3. Tea Guy Speaks: This was a surprise mention.  Apparently, the Tea Guy thought enough of the Libre to give us a nod along with some other tea apps. Thanks, Tea Guy.

If you know of a site that would like to review a Libre Tea glass, let us know at info@libretea.com.

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