Often i have received very positive comments about the design and style of  the Libre tea glass – certainly i enjoy knowing that people are enjoying ‘tea moments on the go’.

Recently i have received some reports of  the outer metal ring on the tea glass coming off of the tea filter connector. The manufacturer has been advised and is ensuring this doesn’t happen in the future tea glass. Firstly i can appreciate the dissapointment – thinking it is a  grand new thing and then something goes wrong – not good.

We will certainly replace the tea glass if this is your experience. Alternatively if you choose to remedy this issue your self with some glue i  will donate $5 to WaterAid  as a thank-you for your efforts and an acknowledgement of the difficulty. Either way please contact info@libretea.com.

Thanks very much for your patience with this issue – i must say it has been quite disconcerting.

Thanks also for any feedback as it is with your comments, that i do treasure, that allows me to proceed more effectively to provision  more ‘tea moments’ more effectively.

please do not hesitate to send your comments along.

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