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Nov. 8/11

Here are the winners of our Libre Tea moment swag contest:

Random.org result

Nov. 15/11

Congratulations Callah our first winner of the Libre Tea Moment tote! Callah’s tea moment – My boyfriend and I sitting together celebrating our 6 month anniversary…. And it’s the day he told me he loves me.

Congratulations to Sein our second winner of the Libre Tea Moment tote! Sein’s tea moment – Nights are longer, so the tea is stronger. I brew a pot of green tea or pu-erh after the children are in bed, cosy up in my favourite chair, light a scented candle, and read a few chapters of a good book.

Tea Moment Nov. 22nd

Nov. 22nd

Congratulations to Debbie W. our third winner of the Libre Tea Moment tote! Debbie’s tea moment – I’m having a tea moment right now. I’m watching snow flakes falling, and having great satisfaction knowing they are melting as soon as they hit the ground.

Random.org result

Nov. 29/11

Congratulations to Tania Donaldson our fourth and final winner of the Libre Tea Moment tote! Tania’s tea moment – My favourite tea moment would have to be several, last year I was studying in England and it was very difficult to coordinate schedules with my friends and family to chat while I was away. When I did get to skype with my best friends we would have our tea dates, as if we were in the same room. Both of us drinking our tea out of our respective libre mugs. Our libre mugs have not only started our friendships but helped them blossom over the years!

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  1. Sein


    Thanks! It’s fitting that I am reading this while enjoying my last cup of tea of the night. 🙂

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