Introducing our Libre Tea Word Cloud Tote!

Libre Tea Moment Swag ToteWe are so thankful to all our Libre Tea Moments Fans on Facebook! We have collected all their wonderful tea moment comments and pulled out the most frequently used words and phrases to make our Libre Tea Word Cloud!

Now we have taken this word cloud and printed it on our new Libre tote!

The weather is getting chillier and we are starting to enjoy more cups of tea curled up by the fire with a good book or warming up with friends after an outing!

Share a tea moment below to be entered in our Libre Tea Moments contest to win this Organic Cotton Tote with our Libre Tea Word Cloud!

Every Tuesday in November we will be giving a Libre Tote to someone who shares a Tea Moment below!



Comments (46)

  1. Bruce


    My tea moment is simple….Grab my loose tea that my wife buys for me and bring it to work. Fill up my Libre Glass n’ Poly, steep, shake, drink….Sit back and wait for at least 5-6 people a day, ask me about my “fancy glass” as they call it, when they walk by me in the office.

  2. Katie


    My tea moment is when I steep lemon and ginger in my Glass n’ poly. Helps ward off all of the colds that are floating around right now 🙂

  3. L.S.


    Oh my tea pleasure is , watching outside from my chair and sipping and smelling & enjoying the peaceful time.

  4. April


    A recently new tea moment of mine from the other day my boyfriend had asked me to make him some tea and so I just quickly threw together a tea bag + hot water for him thinking I could give him my cheaper tea. Well I realized soon how much he likes my libre poly n’ glass tea bottle and loose leaf tea when he said “where is that fancy cup and tea?” It was so funny that I made tea for my boyfriend and he wanted it in the “special cup…” I laughed. So I am thinking of getting him a libre poly n’ glass mug soon, maybe for Christmas.

  5. Melissa


    Two of my best friends have moved away for university and recently I’ve been including some of my favourite teas in the ‘care packages’ I send them occasionally. Not regular tea drinkers, I was surprised when they both let me know how much they enjoyed the tea, and asked me where they could find more of it where they are! I’m very happy to be spreading the tea love successfully!

  6. Callah


    My boyfriend and I sitting together celebrating our 6 month anniversary…. And it’s the day he told me he loves me. 🙂

  7. Raquel


    I have a Libre tea moment several times a day at work…so much that I didn’t even realize that I quit drinking coffee without even intending to – and I used to drink 2-3 cups per day!

  8. Jamie Casolari


    My favorite tea moment is at dawn while the rest of the house is still sleeping, I brew my tea and go to the porch to enjoy Mother Natures show…the sun rise. One of life’s perfect moments.

  9. Sacha


    My Libre Tea moment is right now, (or any time I am working in front of my computer; which is often, seeing as i have my own web-based business.)

    Always beside me are a notepad and pen for random inspirations, a bowl of mixed nuts and chopped dried mixed fruit for energy and my Libre Tea large glass and poly thermos filled with my favorite tea. I no longer have to worry about spilling my tea on my laptop. I take a sip and recap the thermos.

    I only wish there was a larger size.

  10. Mary


    My tea moment involves my Libre mug, some loose leaf peach oolong tea, a book, and hoping a cat will come sit in my lap 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful tote.

  11. shan


    My Libre tea moment is first thing in the morning at work. A few sips of brewed loose leaf oolong tea in my large Libre glass and I am ready to tackle the day.

  12. Michelle


    Libre not only means Free in French but also in Spanish. I am half mexican and having a cup of freedom in my hand, helps me to find my freedom from within. I love my new Large Glass and Poly Thermos. Move over Starbucks. Here is to exciting Green Tea Moments with Libre!!! 🙂

  13. katklaw777


    My tea moment comes at night when everyone else is tucked in safe and sound.
    I enjoy a soothing cuppa tea while I wind down and check my emails.
    Oh, I too have a cat on the lap and one on the desk and one on top of the monitor. All three keeping watch over me!

  14. Leann Lindeman


    I have been enjoying some tea from Scotland that my husband brought back for me when he went to Preswick on a business trip. If only I had one of those Libre glasses to drink it out of… That would be the perfect tea moment.

  15. Robert


    I’m so thrilled 2 have my mug. I bring it everywhere & people are asking me where can they get one. But, my favorite tea moment is when I go 2 my asian vegetarian restaurant & load up my mug with loose oolong or green tea.

  16. Christopher Sorel


    love that first cup of green tea in the morning as just enough kick to get me moving

  17. Natalie M


    As I pour the hot water into my Libre and see the steam rise up and the loose leaf tea swirling in the water I know.. everything is going to be just fine today.

    In it’s subtle way my Libre makes life feel a little warmer, a little more peaceful and overall more comfortable.

  18. Lesli C-Kellow


    When my husband and I are finished work, we sit together and share some tea. It`s our time to re-connect before the activities of dinner and kids` activities begin.

  19. Dominika


    My favourite daily tea moment is my cup of tea right before bedtime. Part of my bedtime routine 🙂

  20. Bruce


    Coming home and cleaning up the Tea Parties my wife has with our 2 boys (4&6) and cleaning up the bubble gum tea they have drank and spilled everywhere. We always buy Loose Tea and use the Libre, and managed to find some “kid friendly” flavours.

  21. Adam


    I love to brew up a nice cup of green tea, and relax on the couch with a warm blanket and a good book. It takes no time at all for my cat to want in on the action and curl up purring on my lap. Everyone’s on cloud 9 until the tea runs out and I have to get up to make more.

  22. Viva


    My tea moment is after I prepare my tea I sit down and put both hands around my mug and feel the warmth and breathe in the aroma. Love it!

  23. loriag


    Having my Libre Tea is my moment, just the thought gives me a sense of peace. I look at the glass and its pretty top, the lovely aroma, it’s lovely taste, it’s warmth, it just is a total sense moment. This is my break at work! Love Libre Tea!

  24. Michelle


    My favorite tea moment is my bedtime tea. I got the fire place going, all cuddled up on my couch with my Keeya (ragdoll) cuddled up next to me. Enjoying a warm cup of Green tea, as I journal and reflect on the day.

  25. Reply

    My Tea Moment is when I get to curl up at the end of a long day with a hot cup of green tea and a purring kitty. So relaxing, and a purrfect way to unwind!

  26. Sein


    Nights are longer, so the tea is stronger. I brew a pot of green tea or pu-erh after the children are in bed, cosy up in my favourite chair, light a scented candle, and read a few chapters of a good book.

  27. Andrea McCosker


    My favorite tea moment is when all THREE of my children (2 Kids and 1 Hubbie) are asleep and I can get a moment of peace and quiet!!

  28. Debbie W


    I’m having a tea moment right now. I’m watching snow flakes falling, and having great satisfaction knowing they are melting as soon as they hit the ground.

  29. Erin


    There are so many tea moments, my biggest tea moment was last night when I snuggled into my warm p.j’s and burrowed into the couch. The rain was coming down hard outside and I realised for the first time in 11 years I could sit to read and enjoy my tea with out the whining of my Ex husband as I “ignored him” for tea and a book. Ahhh, Blis!!

  30. Maryann D.


    My tea moments are at 5:00 am when everyone is sleeping except me. I relax and check my email with a nice hot cup of tea.

  31. Michelle


    My Tea Moment is: Walking to work, Umbrella in one hand and my Libre Tea Mug in the other. Listening to the rain drops, humming a sweet tune and all warmed up as I sip my Green Tea!

  32. krystyl olson


    my tea moment, is when I wake up in the morning, look outside and am MOMENTAIRILY dissapointed when I see rain and clouds… until I realise it’s a BEAUTIFUL day to sluggle down in bed with my kids, my TEA and a good movie 🙂

  33. Colleen C


    My favourite tea moment was the first time I took my husband for afternoon tea. The venue was tiny, a little restaurant on the edge of a lake, but the tea was perfect!

    We had a full afternoon tea with clotted cream and scones, delicate sandwiches, sweet treats and two pots of flavourful tea that been brewed perfectly.

    He fell in love and we have been seeking out new places to enjoy a cup of tea ever since!

  34. Jackie


    My tea moment is when I get up while it’s dark and sit at my desk by a large window. I love looking out at the quiet street while sipping my tea.

  35. Tammy Jo


    Today my tea moment is more than a moment its a day! I fill my glass-n-poly before leaving home, with Yogi Green Tea, refill when I arrive at work, another with lunch, another for “afternoon” tea with my coworker then fill up again for the drive home and of course a chamomile tea with my bedtime hot bath!!

  36. debh


    My favourite Tea Moment is in the middle of the afternoon. Sipping on a hot soothing tea at my desk, and overlooking my backyard is definitely my tea moment.

  37. Tania Donaldson


    My favourite tea moment would have to be several, last year I was studying in England and it was very difficult to coordinate schedules with my friends and family to chat while I was away. When I did get to skype with my best friends we would have our tea dates, as if we were in the same room. Both of us drinking our tea out of our respective libre mugs. Our libre mugs have not only started our friendships but helped them blossom over the years!

  38. Havind Sehmi


    My favourite tea moment…waking up every morning as a child to adult to a freshly made cup of tea by my bed that my dad made for all of us. Something I will never forget..

  39. Tanis


    I just started drinking tea with my mother-in-law and now we enjoy visiting, catching up and trying some new tea!

  40. Klyn


    I use my Libre tea bottles (I have 2–the original and the large) to make infusions of loose nettle leaves. I infuse the dried nettles overnight, and take 1 bottle to work with me. The gorgeous green nettles are so nourishing, and look magical in the bottle–a calming balm for body and soul in the workplace. So I have Libre Tea moments every day amid the chaos of work!

  41. Lisa Vigna


    I just taught my best friend’s little girl (my niece) to drink chamomile tea in the evening with a little honey to help her sleep. Of course I make it for her and keep it lukewarm. We drink our tea together and I am so glad to share these moments with her. 🙂

  42. Amy M


    My favourite tea moments are those I share with others. It is so much nicer to have a great cup of tea with friends or family than by myself. I enjoy sharing and creating new memories during tea time!

  43. Shaundra


    Just moved to a new home across the country. The one comfort I can count on (& that actually fit in my car!) is my tea collection. It’s the calm in my work-seeking, grad student days!

  44. Liz


    My favorite tea moment of this past week was earlier today. I came home from a hectic day at school (college finals are almost upon me!) and snuggled up with my puppy with my Libre glass n’ poly large and watched my fish swim back and forth. Definitely what I needed before studying!

  45. Summer


    I have tea every evening when I’m studying. I look forward to my study breaks because they mean 1) A STUDY BREAK! and 2) I get a warm cup of tea. It just soothes me and makes me less stressed. And all of these holiday teas are making me excited for winter break and going home to see my family (and a couple of weeks without studying!).

  46. Kristy Lojewski


    A nice hot cup of tea of my covered deck with the sunshine rising and warming my back 🙂

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