scses-2009-dinner-cert-energetic-mtkg2Ok so what would salmon have to do withe tea???  I’ve been involved with the Sunshine Coast Salmon Enhancement Society for several years as we progress with enhancing the salmon stocks in the  Sunshine Coast waters off the coast BC Canada just north of Vancouver (a ferry ride is required to get here).The Chapman Creek hatchery operates the society and  raises the salmon from indigenious fish eggs and sets the fry free to the ocean to swim around and hopefully come back and spawn. The society has been in operation since 1992  and over 85% of operating costs are donor funded. The hatchery and salmon cycle is dependent on a good enough supply of clean water. The water of Chapman Creek is at its headwaters is part of the local water supply – we are all interconnected:)   we do our best to conserve but the demand is always greatest just before the salmon need to have enough (the summer just before the salmon are going upstream). 

Annual fundraising is supported by the dinner and auction. Libre tea glasses and accompanying teas  from Murchies were there. We are pleased that the dinner was another success and the wonderful members who made it happen are to be congratulated for a great event.

Libre tea is brought  to you by Energetic Marketing.

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