The Libre tea glasses are receiving much recognition these days. At the end of February the Libre was featured on .

tea moments at the office

tea moments at the office

As well the Libre will be featured in Vancouver’s Breakfast TV week prize pack along iwth Murchie’s teas from March 30 – Apr 3.

The Genie’s awards in Canada recognise the movie great’s of Canada and through a great new connection with Gabrielle Durning of the Uptown Gift Box  (recent creators of the beautiful native art Juno Award’s  gift boxes) the Libre Glass’n Poly style wil be featured in the gift pack for the Canadian Stars at the Genie’s.   

All the while I focus on how to bring more tea moments to life…I’m very excited to promote an opportunity to gain clarity, awareness and a feeling of interconnectedness…for me that is a tea moment.

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