This is a guest post from our friend Little Yellow Teapot

Hi, I’m Little Yellow Teapot. About 4 years ago I was bought by some humans and taken to their house. From then on it’s been a real steep fest, with tea samples coming in from all over the U.S. and other countries. Soon, the flood of samples got to be too much for just me to steep, so when LibreTea Steeping Glass wanted to join in the action, I was more than happy to have some help. We had a little bit of male territorial staking out at first but quickly became good buddies and the founding members of the Tea Gang here at home.

Here, Steeping Glass takes charge in the steeping of a high-grade Dragonwell tea. He started out with some of the dry tea inside. Since this is a premium version, the tea is mostly whole buds (a very new leaf inside two new leaves closed tightly around it or even a little open). “SG” (as we call him around here) is ready to steep with the strainer part of the lid twisted tightly in place.



The vendor’s label says to use water heated to 75° C, steep the first time for 5 minutes, then the second, third, and possibly fourth steepings for 3 minutes each. “SG” did a splendid job, with my supervision, of course! And my humans really enjoyed the show, watching those buds grow plump with the water they were absorbing and growing heavy and descending. One of the things I cannot do as a little ceramic teapot is put on a show. “SG” is made of glass and poly, so he is quite the exhibitionist.



When the show is over, my humans just pour out the tea through the strainer and enjoy. Some humans even drink straight from the steeping glass, but mine prefer to drink from cups. Lots of flexibility and personal choice here.


Here is a close-up of the leaves, dry on the left and after steeping on the right. Boy, “SG” sure did the job here. The dry buds got to float free inside him and thus interact with the water, giving their all to create a wonderful liquid that was a rich, vegetal, nutty delight. Another great tea steeping by “SG” with my help, of course! TOOOOT!



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