Since 2006, Linda Appel Lipsius  has been working with her partners in Bangladesh, one of the purest countries on earth, to bring premium-quality, sustainably-sourced teas from a previously-unknown growing region to the United States and the UK.

tetuliaTeatulia’s mission is to sustain the land and its people while producing top-quality tea. By following the standards for Rainforest Alliance certification, as well as USDA certification, our tea garden has created a diverse and thriving ecosystem that is highly sustainable. And our Teatulia Cooperative provides health, education and cattle-lending programs for the Bangladeshi families who help cultivate our teas.

In 2014, Teatulia became the first Colorado tea company to become certified as a B Corporation. B Corporation’s values are aligned with everything we believe in. It’s important to allow our consumers to see and understand our business practices as well as our commitment to sustainability. In 2015, Tetulia was named as one of the Forbes 25 most innovative consumer and retail brands.

A native of Denver, Linda went to Arapahoe High School then headed east to earn her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University in New York City and MBA in finance from New York University. She now lives in downtown Denver with her film maker husband Adam and her children. In her spare time, she hangs with her kiddos, sees movies and does yoga, runs or tortures herself with that Orange Theory thing.

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Comments (8)

  1. Amanda Alvarado


    My outer peace this week will come tomorrow when we celebrate our dd’s birthday! She is our next generation and we are instilling in her that the world is what you make it – take care of her and she will take care of you!

  2. loriag


    My outer peace right now is coming from preparing for Christmas and all that it means and brings to myself, my family and mt community.

  3. Vilma Pacheco


    My outer peace this week is coming from preparing for Thanksgiving and all that it means preparing to share with my family coming to celebrate with us.

  4. Dianne Messina


    I’m finding outer peace from my painting. I’m not good, but I’m having fun.

  5. Casandra Lightenlove


    I found my outer peace this week by enjoying a lovely walk through the forest with my son to see all the trees and leaves changing in colour. Pure magic and bliss!

  6. Emily Solis


    My outer peace was refound when I sat in my car and watched the sunset over my neighborhood.

  7. Dee Schwark


    My outer peace was found while walking my dog in the snow. She was having so much fun, it was mild and everything was covered with a light dusting of snow. Peaceful and serene.

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