we like to learn about tea, and hope that what we’ve learned will help you enjoy your tea moments more.

benefits of loose leaf tea

Better for the Planet Loose leaf tea has a much smaller eco-footprint than teabags. Unlike ‘bagged’ tea, loose leaf tea is sold by weight, easy to dispose of and biodegradable. It also requires minimal packaging, unlike bagged tea, which requires significant packaging resources and generates considerably more waste with its... || Read more -->

iced Tea

Welcome to our fabulous Iced Tea Booklet We’re delighted to offer it free to our customers! It is a collaborative effort among our facebook fans, retail customers and staff, and contains some surprisingly delicious and unusual recipes with all kinds of different teas and ingredients. Please download and enjoy many... || Read more -->

about Matcha

What is Matcha? Matcha is powder made from pulverizing the luscious deep green top leaves of shaded tea plants into a powder. Since the whole leaf is consumed it has more nutrients and health benefits than your typical cup of green tea. It’s a true “superfood,” rich in anti-oxidants and is reported to... || Read more -->

history of tea

China: The Beginning of Tea Some accounts suggest tea had its beginnings in China around 5000 BC. Specifically, there are two stories from that period, each proposing a different origin for the hot beverage. The first asserts that Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when a tea leaf accidentally fell... || Read more -->

tea defined

All loose leaf teas (with the exception of herbal teas and tisanes) are derived from the dried and sometimes processed leaves and buds of the Camellia sinesis plant, which is native to Asia. The Camellia sinesis plant is dark green, with thick leaves and delicate white blossoms. The finest teas... || Read more -->

health benefits of tea

Here at Libre we love our tea and love the health benefits that comes along with it. Whether you drink black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, or herbal teas they all have unique properties that enhance our health and wellbeing. Here are only a few of the health benefits shared by... || Read more -->

caffeine in tea

The Slow Release of Tea Caffeine: The caffeine content in tea is released in the body at about half the rate of coffee!  The absence of a ‘strong jolt’ means that tea is less taxing on the nervous system. The caffeine in tea produces a gradual increase in alertness over... || Read more -->


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