As we start February – the month of LOVE – showing  your LOVE for your loved ones is important, and just as important is to show LOVE for yourself too. You need to show yourself kindness, self-care, patience and respect. Once we make a routine to practice self-care daily we feel better about ourselves and often even feel an increasing inner well of LOVE to share with our loved ones.

spirit of teaThere are so many ways to show #lovethyself. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Find a quiet spot sometime during the day (early morning, nap time, tea breaks, end of the day) and have a time out. A time to do nothing but enjoy the moment, sip your tea and just breathe. #grounded
  • After your shower or bath, take a few extra moments and give your tired feet and hands a massage. #pamper #Ilovemyfeet
  • Add a vegetable (celery/carrot/broccoli/cauliflower) or fruit (apple/grapes/kiwi/plums) snack mid-morning and afternoon #veggiepower #nourish
  • Give yourself a selection of healthy teas or a fruit’n herb infusion for the day– a herbal, green or interesting oolong will remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day #hydrate #whatsinmyglass
  • Start a new craft project and schedule a little time each day/week to work on it #mycreativespirit
  • End each day by thinking of all the little positive things that happened throughout your day #gratitude #bedtimeritual

There are many many other ways to express how you Love Thyself!

What do you do to express ‘Love Thyself’?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea glass of your choice.


We’ll be sharing ours all month long too.

 February – time to fall in LOVE – with yourself, that is!

Join the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival peeps in a month long #LoveThyself Instagram event to care for & nurture ourselves. Share what you do to show yourself a little love.

Not only will we inspire each other but they have wonderful PRIZES (including tickets to our festival on September 12th) to motivate you to stay true to your commitment.

How about some time to yourself this month – curious about meditation?

Tuja Wellness  is offering their 30 day meditation opportunity and we will offer Libre tea glass prizes too!!!

We LOVE, LOVE and hope you will contribute to more loving in your life

Breathe, a sigh of relief, you’re gonna love February craigmj-heart  !!

Comments (32)

  1. Julie M.


    I like to make myself of a cup of tea, settle into the couch and watch a YouTube video and laugh.

  2. Raine


    I’ll make a cup of one of my favorite teas and make sure that I set aside time to read every night, I love the escape from reality it gives me if only for a moment

  3. Heather Adkins


    I buy myself a different tea once every couple of months to sip while I check out my facebook page. 😉

  4. Becca Z


    It’s definitely the self care for me, about a year ago after having multiple physical stress related physical issues, I decided to prioritize self care – biweekly deep tissue massage, personal training for flexibility and strength 2 x a week, biweekly chiropractic adjustment, monthly colonic, and monthly pedicure I started seeing a huge difference in my joy, energy, strength and attitudes in general. I will never go back to prioritizing my clients before myself.

  5. Karen H


    I go to exercise classes with a fun group of people. I also spend a time reading novels which I enjoy.

  6. Amy C.


    Crafting and baking is what makes me feel fulfilled. I try to do that as much as possible.

  7. Sue


    I love, love, love tea and reading and can often be found curled up under a blanket with gorgeous hot tea and a good read. One of my favourite ways to self love.

  8. Sue


    I love, love, love tea and reading and can often be found curled up under a blanket with gorgeous hot tea and a good read. One of my favourite ways to self love.

  9. Maryann D.


    Every morning I get up before the rest of my family and sit by myself and have a cup of tea – nice and quiet.

  10. Keya Millionie


    I’ve been meditating through hoop dance practice, it makes me love myself with every move I learn.

  11. Amanda Alvarado


    I like to make a cup of hot tea at the end of the day and sip it while reading a good book!

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    I like to sip a cup of Chai tea while I sit and do nothing but enjoy the moment.

  13. Heidi c.


    I make sure that I get enough rest as well as try to eat properly and drink enough liquids in order to be able to be at my best for my kids and for my work.

  14. Nicole Sender


    I take a cup of tea and sit at my patio table. There I can enjoy my flowers and the birds that visit my yard.

  15. Marygrace


    With 2 girls in high school & babysitting a 2 & 4 year old my days are busy. When I start feeling myself going cuckoo which does happen & i do honestly feel it; I give myself a break, naps are good, going out for tea or a drink, basically giving myself the TIME! And most importantly i let my husband & family know how i am feeling!

  16. Susie Wilkinson


    I love to just spend some time on my own doing whatever I want to do without having to please others or getting interrupted!

  17. Stacy S


    I make a cuppa and craft with the music in the background. It’s my happy place. I scrapbook, so I look at all the photos I’ve taken of my daughter. Good times.

  18. Tammy Sigond


    Each day or night I take at least half an hour alone to read and have a cup of tea …my escape from craziness of life .

  19. Reply

    I make sure I always take time before bed to just read or knit and wind down after a crazy day. I have a very hectic life, and it’s nice to just stop for a minute.

  20. Robyn L


    sit in my reading/word search corner with my fav beverage and blanket for an hour or so and unwind.

  21. Toby


    Cuddling up with the puppies, watching a movie with tea in hand! Ahhhhhh, doesn’t get much better than that!

  22. tamie keith


    i love to go to a tea shop to get my cup of tea and to take home fresh tea leaves so i can drink some tea at home.

  23. Candi Doucet


    Exercise in the evening , and right before bedtime a nice glass of warm tea.. Very healthy

  24. Reply

    I love myself by taking a bath with a cup of tea. After I’m done, I feel new again and my patience is recharged for my children.

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