The Marathon of Peace 

We are excited to support the innovative global project Marathon of Peace. The 40 young women in the leadership program will receive Libre Life tea glasses – inspiring them with peaceful tea moments to create peaceful projects wherever they are.

Sarah Jamieson is our inspiration for this project and is one of our Libre Leading Lights. She is preparing to fulfill her personal dream of running a marathon on every continent and this one will complete her goal! She will run in the Marathon of Peace, November 9th, 2014.

RUN4ACAUSE Raise-A-Runner And Give “SOLE” To Young LeadersRaise a runner

  • November 9th, 2014 – the “marathon of peace” – focused on connecting young women together to serve as a peer-to-peer support system.
  • Help bring Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority initiative to 40 young girls in Vancouver, BC and in Beirut Lebanon
  • Virtual Online Event – donate or join the team

The Marathon of Peace” is supporting the health and dreams of our young female leaders. In the spirit of global connection RUN4ACAUSE, the Passion FoundationThe Beirut Marathon Association have teamed up to bring the Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority initiative to 20 young women (think its early teens – comment only:) in each of Vancouver, BC and in Beirut, Lebanon. The core of which is leadership training and connecting young women together in cultural exchange. This Marathon of Peace is the backdrop and provides an avenue for young leaders to create partnerships for change in our world.

We are inspired and want to support this important cause – we have put together the ‘Passion for Peace’ silent auction on our Facebook page. Items up for bid are 6 unique Libre Tea Glass Covers. The auction ends on the day of the marathon on November, 9th, 2014. And remember if you don’t ‘win’ them the patterns for LIbre holders are free

Please take a look and post a bid in the comment section on a Libre tea glass holder. Highest bidder wins and all proceeds will go towards the above Run4aCause project. (Open to Canada and the United States).

What brings you peace? – share it with us for a chance to win

A Libre Life tea glass of your choice.


Comments (7)

  1. Dawn


    Good luck to all the women on Nov 9th!

    Volunteering at my local shelter brings me peace 🙂

  2. stacey h


    stillness brings me peace – i love going out in the canoe on a calm day and just sit still and take it all in

  3. Laura K


    what brings me peace is walking and listening to John Denver music…I think it’s because many years ago, he was one my favorites in a time that my life had many less problems; so it kind of takes my mind back to that stress-free time of my youth 🙂

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