Megan from ‘Real Adventures from a Mom of 3’ reviewed our Libre Tea glass.

Maureen at the ‘Alternative Consumer’ has done a tried and true green product review.

Check out Broken Teepee review and read how her hubby loves our Libre!

Tales of a Ranting Ginger: Reviewed Libre Tea Glass ‘n Poly – A Moment for Mommy

PI of Products …is investigating products one at a time. She reviewed our Libre Tea glass!

Natural Health Foodie said ‘I am super excited to do my first giveaway thanks to the kind people at Libre’.

‎Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen has reviewed our Libre Tea glass ‘n’ poly.

A.C. Cargill has her hands full with Our Libre Tea glass and Little Yellow Teapot!

Rae says. “This Tea Glass is perfect for a woman on the go like me!”

Tara Sabo loves green tea and was elated to try our Organic Ming Mei green tea.


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