The Happy Tea Drinker says, “I highly recommend Libre tea glasses. It’s a wonderful product.”

Megan from Tasty Food Gets Reviewed says, ‘This tea glass is amazing because it’s very easy to use and it makes the process of brewing loose leaf tea so much easier.”

A Girl Worth Saving says, “I’m completely digging this mug and it truly makes a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.”Libre Mug

Simply Stacie says. “It’s such a treat to be able to enjoy our favorite teas outside the house! It would make a nice gift for any tea-lover.”

Breakfast with Tiffany loves her Libre and says, “I can brew and carry fresh tea in an instant anywhere and I get commented on the container constantly because of its beauty.”

Emily from Emily Reviews says, “The Original glass ‘n poly is beautiful; I love that it allows you to see the loose leaf tea steeping and the warmth from the tea to warm your hands.”

Sue from SJB – My Photopage says this about the Libre Tea glass, “The Tea on the go is a good idea. It works; It’s fast!”

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