Sara over at Sweet Silly Sara  and her husband reviewed the Libre Tea Original glass and say, “Overall, we both love the Libre tea glass. We are going to have to get another one, as this product has made drinking tea easier and super stylish for the both of us.”

The Tea gang over at Little Yellow Teapot’s gave LibreTea Steeping Mug (co-founder of the Tea Gang) the honor of steeping Dong Ding Oolong Tea from Naivetea. “This was a departure from the vendor’s recommended method but turned out to be a very good one.”

Rebekah from All That Glitters loves her Libre Large! “it’s so aesthetically pleasing! adorable!!!” and how  “if you ever need an extra water bottle it can serve as that, too!”

April from Down South Savings has a Libre Tea Original and says, “It definitely makes enjoying tea on the go a pleasurable experience! The cup is also a perfect size for any tea lover.”

Randi from A Lucky Lady Bug reviewed the Libre Tea Poly Mug and says, “Not only is this a cute way to carry your tea everywhere you go but it helps keep your tea hot longer and the exterior cool to touch!”

“Jen from Jenny at Dapperhouse likes her Libre Original and says, “I completely recommend trying tea for your health and you just HAVE to get the Libre Tea Glasses to enjoy them to the fullest.”

Trying To Go Green says this about her LibreTea Mug “I love that i can take this tea on the go. It is a great product and it comes in a few other sizes. If you are a big tea drinker like I am then you definitely need this.”

Erin from Erin and Baby says, “Libre tea glasses are my new favorite thing. I love tea so I knew this would be so fun to try. Libre tea glasses can be used for hot and cold tea.”

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