Stacey from ‘Not Just Baby Brain’ says, “Libre Tea has created a line of tea glasses that make things easier (and prettier) for the busy tea lover!”

Erica from ‘5 Minutes for Mom’ was thrilled to take her Libre Glass ‘n Poly out of the box and try the organic Ming Mei green tea. She says, “It was delightfully easy. The organic Ming Mei tea comes in individual packs. I simply opened a package, emptied it into the filter, filled my glass with hot water, twisted the filter back on, turned the glass upside down for 90 seconds to brew and voila, my delicious green tea was ready to drink.

Tricia from Nutritional Healing Technologies is enjoying her Libre Tea glass and says Sipping on some nice hot tea is a great way to unwind and de-stress during the day, even if only for a few minutes.  It is a simple way to rejuvenate ourselves — body, mind and spirit.

Dina at Just Another New Blog says, “I love the simple elegance of the Libre tea glass. My Libre tea glass is one very smart product. It’s perfect for eco-minded tea drinkers who love their tea time at home and on the go.”

Sherri, aka Sam from ‘Kidsumers’, says ” It is great because I find myself being more interested in herbal and green teas because I have the tea glass to make them in. I feel healthier just holding it!”

Sarah from Moose Tracks and Tater Stacks says, “I opened the box and saw the gorgeous contents I was excited! This is one of the most beautiful glasses I have ever had the pleasure of drinking from, the lid has an inset sparkling Mother of Pearl looking background with a gold floral scene on top of that.”

In Episode 7, Brian & Lisa Di Vita from the Healthy Professionals Blog – The Tea Show have reviewed our Libre & Ming Mei #tea.

Dad of Divas take on the Libre Tea Mug – Using this tea glass was easy. I have used tea balls or spoons and even paper pouches for brewing my loose leaf tea in the past. Once the tea is brewed, you unscrew the lid and the filter.  The tea is ready to drink. The tea glass has a sturdy handle which makes it easy to use while you drink.

Toddler Tales by Mommy loves the chic, compact & sleek design of the Libre They look just beautiful as is and more beautiful with tea in it.

Kelly, from Kisses from a Coconut says, “Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass is pretty darn amazing!! I love tea and I am usually on the go, so this is an ingenious invention, in my humble opinion!”


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