michelle messinaMichelle Messina is a spiritual film director and innovative thinker who carefully selects projects to market. Her mission is to create meaningful imagery that is creative and offers the viewer a positive experience.

Even in case of opposition, whereby her first film was challenged by a large corporation mogul, regarding the trademark of her wholesome animated short film, ”Fruitful Sex” she prevailed and won the legal battle after six years; represented herself, did not sell out and remained independent. A true David and Goliath story as the media buzz quoted.

Michelle’s transition into the health and wellness in the last 7 years has encouraged her to create a line of natural beauty products and soaps with Kango Naturals. To continue with extension products and services to her families’ business for over 50 years. This movement has also inspired her to create some of her best work as a director in video production with her company Pocket Pictures.

What fuels this woman, isn’ t coffee, it’s tea! Michelle loves tea and drinks loose leaf tea all day. Inspired by our innovated products, Michelle hosted and directed our newest videos.

To read more about Michelle and her accomplishments please click here.


Michelle Messina Youtube


Michelle resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada


What/Who fuels & inspires your day (a friend, a family member, food, tea, etc..)?

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  1. Vilma Pacheco


    My 93 year old mother who lives an active life ,has an agility of a 60 year old. I just hope if I live as long to be like her.

  2. loriag


    What inspires me daily is knowing I can make a difference in others lives. It propels me to do what I can for those around me.

  3. Mary Bearden


    I know this is going to sound a little corny or cheesy, but I have a 8 year old Yorkie named Charlie that came into my life in 2008 and nothing has been the same since! Yes, puppies and adult dogs can sometimes be troublesome, but I wouldn’t change it for all the world!

    He gives me hope and love and when I look at him I am reminded that I am loved every single day by him, my husband and my daughters.

    I have several health issues that could alter my life even more drastically, but when Charlie comes and licks my face or my hands and settles down in my lap, the world melts away and I shower his little head with what we call Lovey Dovey’s (kisses, hugs and scratches on his belly or massages on the top of his head). He will just lay there staring at me the whole time and I can imagine a smile beaming back at me because he thinks he got the better end of the deal, but it is I who has won the lottery because he helps me get through another day of sickness and pain).

    I hope everyone has the chance to connect with a pet so precious that it understands you better than any other human possibly could. He knows more about me than anyone in the world. He just has to look into my eyes and knows I suffer, so he does his part and I am more than willing to thank him each and every day that I make it.

  4. Alice Roark


    I’m inspired by my 14yrs Old granddaughter, she has an old soul and amazes me all the time, I asked her today ….how did you get so smart? Her answer was….I got it from my Nana….she is always inspiring others to be a better person!

  5. Josie Tusa


    My day is fueled by my husband and my bird. My husband is so wonderful and caring and my bird sings and keeps me company.

  6. Debbie Clauer


    My 3 year old granddaughter keeps the pep in my step and my outlook on life new & fresh!

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  8. Ximena


    Hi! I’m Xime, and i am mexican (sorry for my bad english hahahaha). Well, my family is the think that inspire me to be better person every day 🙂

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