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My Morning Rituals

One of the most important practices that makes a profound difference in my focus, energy and how I feel navigating my day is My Morning Ritual.

The truth is that I struggled with my morning ritual for years until I finally made the commitment to one that truly supports me. The key is that I started with one change at a time! Here’s a snapshot of my morning routine and some links to resources that you may want to check out.


The key is that I am committed and flexible. Some days I fit most of it in, but when life is full, I alternate what I do based on how I feel. I celebrate the days I get it all in and also the ones where all I can do is show up for 10 minutes on my mat. What matters most is that I – and you – just keep showing up as best that we can. 


How you wake up in the morning is in essence how you live your life! Cultivating a morning ritual practice that works for you will have a very powerful, positive ripple effect.


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Comments (7)

  1. Elizabeth


    My morning ritual is to have quiet moments outside and just enjoy nature for a few minutes before my day begins.

  2. Vilma Pacheco


    My morning ritual is to have a cup of Jasmine Green Tea with the juice of half a lemon while a few moments of meditation to get ready to begin my day.

  3. loriag


    I intentionally wake up 45 minutes before I have to get ready in the morning just for the quiet time and the time to ease myself into the day. I sit in my chair and just do what I want to relax before the busy starts.

  4. Casandra Lightenlove


    My morning routine consists of taking a moment right after I awake and make a gratitude blessing towards my day ahead, then I have a glass of water and lemon to rehydrate myself and flush my liver, and then I have a big cup of green tea and set my intentions for the day. After the few moments of quiet “Me” time, I get the rest of my family up and we start the morning rush to school and work. 🙂

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