Thank you al for entering our Mother’s Day Contest and sharing you lovely tea moments with your Mom, Grandma or Daughter! 

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and take a few moments to read this touching collection.

  1. Back in 1998 I was watching live and lets die by james bond with my family and having bread ,poached egg and tea when I attempted a scene where one of the characters fold his legs over his head in a bizarre way not knowing at that time it was yoga… ~ Omogbeme E.
  2. A cross-country road-trip with my mom from TN to CO. Upon my arrival in Colorado Springs, we celebrated our journey at the Glen Eyrie Castle afternoon tea. With a beautiful view of the mountains and fresh scones, fruit, and tea, it was a delightful…! ~ Kieley B.
  3. I love having tea parties with my daughters and their dolls. ~ Louis
  4. My special tea moment is sitting with my mom and grandma at the kitchen table, sharing old memories full of laughter and smiles, over a cup of jasmine green tea. ~ Sheri L. 
  5. Childhood Tea Parties w/my Mom, ton of stuffed animals &an avocado green, harvest gold Tupperware tea set….as a Southern child, I grew up drinking sweet tea…since then, my mother & I still enjoy tea together but our tastes have changed… ~ April F.
  6. Sharing tea alone with my mom every 7 or so years when my birthday and Mother’s Day fall on the same day. I was born on Mother’s day and am proud to be my mom’s very first Mother’s Day gift! ~ Wanda B.
  7. I took my daughter, Annie, to the high tea at the Bridgehouse Restaurant across from the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We were having a mother/daughter day and Annie was about 11 at the time. It was her first cup of tea ever, and we had the fruit scone…~ Laura M.
  8. My mom an d I will sit down Skype to Skype and share a tea from BC to Ontario <3 ~ T Chanti
  9. Okay so my mother has been off so much coffee for about a year now and is drinking much more tea, I feel that I have influenced her after I started to love tea and then more and more loose leaf tea. I will always remember me growing up and thinking… ~ April R.
  10. Sitting on the swing on the porch with my mom! ~ Donna K.
  11. I invited my mom over for a tea, and told her I was engaged! ~ Ester G.
  12. Growing up tea was always a part of our family life.  For special occasions, tea was served over coffee and every night after the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean, my mom and dad would sit down to a warm cup of tea and a good book… ~ Carolyn S.
  13. Relaxing on the back deck with my mom drinking tea 🙂 ~ Amanda M.
  14. Sitting with my grandmother a couple years ago drinking tea and listening to Frank Sinatra. She has since gone downhill with Alzheimers and can’t recognize any of our family members. I miss her. Charlotte R.
  15. Every night my Mom would make a cup of tea, she would always use her silver tea pot just because, it is one of those comfort memories I have of my home. Now I have teen age sons, (sorry no daughters) and it warms my heart that they are all tea drinkers. ~ Lori G.
  16. I had tea with my grandmother once awhile back. Her house always smells like moth balls but I had a good time. ~ Amy O.
  17. When i would get home from school on a cold day! ~ Judy G.
  18. At the end of the day, to relax before bed. Jennifer P.
  19. I had tea with my grandmother on the lawn close to her flower garden as a little girl. ~ Diana
  20. When I visit her in FL we share a special tea moment before everyone gets out of bed and it’s really great to have that special time with my Mom. ~ Minta B.
  21. With my grandma in the morning . When I used to sleepover when I was a child!! ~ Brandi R.
  22. Drinking green tea with my mother for breakfast every morning during high school. ~ Roxanna J.
  23. We went to a Wedding Shower for a friend-it was a Tea Party Shower-My daughter and I loved it-it was just like a tea party with all the sandwiches, teas, that you would see on an old television show. I found Lady Gray Tea there and have added it to my… ~ Judy C.
  24. A special tea moment was with my Mom, who has been gone for 5 years.  I would give anything to be able to sit down and enjoy a special tea in a china cup with her again. ~ Inez
  25. Grandma was a pretty tough farm woman who stood 6′ tall, even in her 70s and still had mostly red hair. When I was only 6 years old, Dad took me down to visit for a couple of weeks one summer. Grandma had been napping when our car pulled up outside the farmhouse and I had jumped out and gone running inside to greet her. She awoke, saw me, and started crying. Dad came in and asked what had happened. She said, “I’m so happy to see you both. Come, let’s have a cup of tea!” It was the last time I saw her before she died, but that memory is still alive! ~ AC Cargill
  26. I worked overseas in China for a year. My mother, who had never traveled, came to visit me. I will never forget sitting down to tea with her in a cafe in China. The realization of how her mother’s love compelled her to leave her comfort zone and trek… ~ Candice (Winner)
  27. Grandmother and I always had tea when i went over to her house. Made me act very proper. I learned good table manners from her. ~ Danielle P.

Going out for lunch with my mom to the Calico Cat and having our tea leaves read. The woman said she could see a man carrying 2 little children. Little did she know my husband was on his way home from Haiti with our 2 sons. ~ Cindy (Libre Team)

Love when my grandma would always have tea served to her in bed by my grandpa every morning – tea was always her first beverage of the day and she I enjoyed trying out many varieties together. ~ Wendy Weir (Libre Team)

 What perfect tea moments!

We do want to apologize to those of you who had your tea moments cut short. We have learned from this and will use another contest method for sharing tea moments in the future!

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